Com aviDemoTics (cvar)


This determines the framerate to capture . TGA frames generated with the aviDemo command.


At the console type…

com_aviDemoTics [int]


  • [int] - The framerate to capture at.
    • 1 = 15fps
    • 2 = 30fps
    • 3 = 45fps
    • 4 = 60fps


Flag Enabled Description
CVAR_ALL all flags
CVAR_BOOL variable is a boolean
CVAR_INTEGER X variable is an integer
CVAR_FLOAT variable is a float
CVAR_SYSTEM X system variable
CVAR_RENDERER renderer variable
CVAR_SOUND sound variable
CVAR_GUI gui variable
CVAR_GAME game variable
CVAR_TOOL tool variable
CVAR_USERINFO sent to servers, available to menu
CVAR_SERVERINFO sent from servers, available to menu
CVAR_NETWORKSYNC cvar is synced from the server to clients
CVAR_STATIC X statically declared, not user created
CVAR_CHEAT X variable is considered a cheat
CVAR_NOCHEAT variable is not considered a cheat
CVAR_INIT can only be set from the command-line
CVAR_ROM display only, cannot be set by user at all
CVAR_ARCHIVE set to cause it to be saved to a config file
CVAR_MODIFIED X set when the variable is modified


Any number above four seems to have no effect. It’s not 100% clear if this it based on the engine’s in-game clock of 60fps or if it’s based on the refresh rate. Related CVars: