Fx (decl)

Fx declarations reference the sounds, materials, lights, particles (each defined in a separate stage), and the parameters needed to reproduce an effect in game.


fx [name]


Keywords & Usage Description
name <string> The name of this action
delay <time> How long (in seconds) after starting the effect before this action happens
shake <time> <amplitude> <distance> <falloff> <impulse> Shake the player around a bit. Take a look at hkwalk.fx for a good example of this.
ignoreMaster Don’t shake the entity this effect is attached to
random <min>, <max> A random time added to the delay.
fire <sibling> Causes the sibling action to happen when this action does. This is a way of synching two random actions. See smallsparks.fx
duration <time> How long the action lasts before it is killed or restarted
restart <bool> Set to 1 if the action starts again after the ‘duration’ has run out
fadeIn <time> Fade in the RGB of the light or model over <time> seconds
fadeOut <time> Fade out the light/model. Ignored if fadeIn is set, you can use 2 seperate actions (tied together with uselight) if you want a light to fade in and out.
offset <x>, <y>, <z> Offset from the origin of the entity (or bind point) this action is located at
axis <x>, <y>, <z> Axis of the model, mutually exclusive with angle
angle <pitch>, <yaw>, <roll> Alternate way of setting the axis of the model
rotate <angle> Not used
light <material>, <red>, <green>, <blue>, <radius> Create a light
noshadows The light in this effect doesn’t cast shadows
attachlight <light> Attach to external light (a light not defined in the effect) for fading. This is what causes all the lights to fade in/out in alphalabs 2
attachentity <entity> Attach to an external entity. Not actually used in Doom 3
launch <entity> Launches a projectile. Not actually used in Doom 3, but I suppose it could be used to create a neat mario jumping lava effect.
uselight <sibling> Modify the light values in a sibling action. Can be used to fade out a light that faded in earlier.
useModel <model> Modify the model in a sibling action. Can be used to fade out a particle in a sibling.
model <model> Creates (or fades in) a model
particle <model> Same as model
decal <material> Applies the specified decal to the ground (and anything else in the area)
size <int> Size of the decal
trackorigin <bool> Move around with the entity (vs stationary after spawning)
particleTrackVelocity Not used
sound <sndshader> Start a sound (on any channel)