LWO (file format)


LWO: LightWave Object file format is a propriatary binary file format and is the standard export format used with LightWave 3D and Modo . Support in other applications is dependant on import/export scripts or plugins. LWO files cannot be editied outside of a 3D application that supports the format, i.e. they cannot be edited in Notepad or similar.

The id Tech 4 engine uses the LWO format for static meshes.

More information on the LWO format can be found in the LightWave SDK .



A LWO to MD5 conversion utitlity can be obtained at www.doom3world.org .

An MD5camera export script can be downloaded from www.pcgamemods.com

  • Subpatch a.k.a. subdivision surfaces are not supported.
  • Surface properties are not parsed by Doom 3.
  • Models must be composed entirely of triangles.
  • All mesh data must be on a single layer.
  • Each mesh must have exactly one UV map. Doom 3 will not crash if you have more, but textures will behave in unexpected ways, mixing UV maps, using the wrong UV map, etc.
  • Smoothing angle is not supported. In game, smoothing occurs across welded triangles. Seams must be created manually by unwelding vertices.
  • The surface name of each surface in LightWave 3D must match the name of the corresponding material shader in Doom 3.