Mapdef (decl)

Mapdefs are declarations that contain a list of general map properties. These declarations are required if you wish for your map to be displayed during the setup of a multiplayer game.


mapDef [path] {
       "name" [name]
       "devname" [name]
       "singleplayer" [boolean]
       "Deathmatch" [boolean]
       "Team DM" [boolean]
       "Last Man" [boolean]
       "Tourney" [boolean]
       "size0" [size]
       "size1" [size]
       "size2" [size]
       "size3" [size]

MapDef declarations are started with a header which consists of the keyword mapDef followed by the name of the map. They are then followed by the body of the declaration which is enclosed in curly brackets.

The name and devname values you enter here will determine how the map is named in the server window. The key values with the boolean field accept 0, 1 to determine which game modes are available for play. The four size keys are a performance optimization and you should set them with the ” com_updateLoadSize 1” CVar after loading the map. You need to do this for all four quality settings .

Note: It’s normal if size0 and size1 use the same value.

Alternatively you can create a batch file to do this for you. A batch file is an ASCII text file with the .BAT extension thus you can use notepad to create one. Here is an example of a batch file named “mapsize.bat”.

doom3 +com_updateLoadSize 1 +map <mappath>\<mapname>.map +quit

The batch file itself can be anywhere if you set the right paths but in the example above it’s supposed to be put in the Doom 3 folder. This will update the corresponding MapDef entry with the correct sizes. If the map is multiplayer only then do:

doom3 +com_updateLoadSize 1 +si_map <mappath>\<mapname>.map +si_pure 0 +spawnserver +quit