voldemort@Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 4:02 amĀ :
Tutorial (tip) editdecls like fx editor but for textures

tired of having to do a reload on textures and switching back and forth form your text editter when making a new material file

well there is hope
you can do a real time preview of your material in d3
create a dummy texture in this case
either by using a text editor or jumping ahead and launching the declaration editor and creating a new texture there


and thats all

now go to your editor load up a map add a brush or patch mesh to be your sample surface

select it

f7= render

now the problem is when you select your texture its black nothing ther were about to fix that

click on the console tab of the entity inspector
at the bottom in the entry field type
wait a second and a browser window will appear
ahh but sorrow now textures are listed :cry:

dont panic go down to materials

click on it then browse down to textures and you will see all of them there

click on

now click the edit button at the bottom of the window
a fancy text editor opens up
so what well the magic here is the test button at the bottom as you make changes to the textures click test and you will see a realtime update in editor
oh joy :D

then when your done you can simply click on the save button

saves a lot of time when your trying to learn to do different stuff with textures


its okay to reload the materials in editor if you feel you should (thought no need with this method )
but do not reload the declaration browser quite often all that is left is the tables entry without all the others and you have to relaunch the editor to get them back

have fun
this is a great way to test your math or how altering variables affects your materials without waiting on an editor reload