d-fens@Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 8:20 pm :
I'm fairly new to using maya.
I followed the instructions for rendering a bumpmap with a maya model at iddevnet. (I'm using quake 4) I triangulated all the geometry, (I'm assuming thats what they mean when they say "tripple" the model). I ran the cleanup and the geometry is manifold. When I try to render using the "renderbumpflat" command, It gives me this error:
Maya Loader F:\....texmdl.ma: Face is not a triangle
Its frustrating because as far as I can see, all the polys are triangles. I tried deleting the Image plain thinking that that might be the problem, but it still didn't work.
Anybody have any suggestions, or ways to dial in on the offending face (if any)? I'm thinking it's probably something simple that I missed.

Another quick question: as far as I can tell the Doom3 engine is a z-up
world. Maya is a y-up world. Does the engine translate which way is up?

DeathsSilkyMist@Posted: Sat May 13, 2006 6:35 pm :
Hmmm. Cleanup doesnt always do much of anything. Did you at anytime merge vertices? if you put some verticies together but forgot to merge them the program sometimes still considers them 4 or more vertice faces because the verticies are touching each others faces.

I would suggest selecting all of the verticies, go into the merge verticies options and set the distance to a very small distance and see if that does anything. Also, could you post either a pic or a dl of the model? its sometimes hard to determine a problem with guessing games.