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Tutorial (tip) dynamic text(scrolling and particles)

have you ever wanted burning text or maybe text that drips blood its preaty easy actually
first off you will be copying and modifying ingame content unless your going to use a custom font in that case you either need to know how ahead of time or read other tutorials that touch on text importing.

So here goes I want burning text so how do I do it
first off I chose one of the textures from in the game that was white.
this helps and is kind of important as Ill get to

I opened up The gimp (photoshop can do all this to but process is slightly differnt but mostly the same)
I then did a slect by color and selected all the text

I cut out the text
I created a second texture with the identical scale of the original and transparent background
I then flood filled the texture with black
Then I pasted the text into my new picture
flattened the image
and created an alpha layer
and saved it as alphabet4.tga in my folder

here comes the fun part making it do wha twe want

deform turbulent sinTable 0,0035 (time /15 ) 0,2
blend add
map textures/hell/lava1fx.tga
rgb fireballtable[ time * .5]
translate time *0, time * -0.3
blend add
map textures/hell/lava1fx.tga
rgb fireballtable[ time *.3]
translate time *0, time * -0.15
blend filter
map textures/learning/alphabet4.tga
alphatest 0.5

this is just a basic scrolling with a slight waver --the turbulent bit

If you wanted a particle effect you can use
stage parmeter like scale and a table to make it waver freeing up the global deform so you can do a deform particle
likke smoke

the same can be done with blood
I used hell/blood_stream1 and a drip particle
the effect is quite nice
the only draw back with this method is that in editor you only see the lava not the text so you will have to scale and modify in real time preview to get the text right

or just make a prefab of all the letters like I tend to do so if I need an "s"
i just select my "s" prefab

if the smoke or particle dosnt seem to work right the way you want allways remember there is also the deform particle2 global parm to try

enjoy and have fun with it
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