BNA!@Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:36 pmĀ :
SynchError just informed us of a new release of Delta CTF.

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About Delta CTF:

Meeting the needs of competitive players and bringing hope to three generations of Threewave fans, Delta CTF builds its foundation on 10 years of Quake CTF experience, history and pride.

The DeltaCTF team has found the default Capture the Flag gametype present in Quake 4 to be devoid of many key game features and design elements which the CTF community has come to love and depend on for over a decade. This foundation created over the years by community created a well-recognized gametype where in Quake reached its peak during the era of Q2CTF. Over the years the degradation of this gametype has lead to the current crisis where the Quake CTF Community no longer has a playground to play in. Delta CTF hopes to resolve this by implementing those features in which CTF fans desire to see once again in Capture the Flag.