HeXetic@Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 1:51 pm :
Announcing the release of Into Cerberon version 003a, codenamed "Quartzon", a minor update to our previous 003 release. IC003a brings the following enhancements:

Download Into Cerberon 003a today, and get your tri-chordin' on! Stay tuned for IC004 coming soon, with even more guns, maps, and gameplay features.

Note that IC003a requires Doom 3 patch 1.3.1, so be sure you have it installed before you try to play (the previous release, IC003, was for Doom 3 1.3), and have a look at the 003a Readme for installation & configuration details if you're stumped. If this is your first time visiting Into Cerberon, why not take a stroll through our image gallery to get a feel for the mod?

OC_Klonsemann@Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2007 4:27 pm :
COOL. I loved Descent. *already downloading*