Kristus@Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 9:17 am :
missingxtension wrote:
No offence was taken, but if you want a proper written document you better pay me for it.

If you want people to take you seriously, you are better off writing properly.

missingxtension wrote:
Defending a game under "u haven't played the game enough" is not a good defence, how much time is enuf? its more of an excuse.
How do u know i haven't played it that long? like i said don't make assumptions based on lack of information.

ETQW is a game that is fairly hard to get into. There's a lot of things you can do, that is not obvious. It's probably the most complex game Id has ever been part of releasing. And as such, you are really required to "get into it" to properly appreciate it. If that's not something one appreciate however, there's not much you can do about that.

missingxtension wrote:
I made the assumption about tremulous being unknown for the fact that it is.

You shouldn't make assumptions, you said so yourself.

missingxtension wrote:
No where did i say it improved on bf2 or any other game, you can have better be different.
as far as the demo conclusion thread, thats just what it is a demo conclusion thread where else can you post this?
Why would i buy a game from a demo that i found to be boring?

missingxtension wrote:
It is a big improvement over battle field 2, but the new games coming out try to lure people into graphix and physix and not much substance. Not since fear have i played a game that was genuinely fun,

There, also. I don't understand how you can complain about all these games and still hold FEAR in high regards.

missingxtension wrote:
edit: thank you for the welcome. I do not post to the same forum much because most forums are too narrow and they all expect you do sign up, wait for registration and literately jump through hoops

Yes, it's better to open them up for spambots to roam free.

Phobos@Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 7:48 pm :
i don't judge things without knowing, like you're doing. Do you know what context clues are?

As far as judging things with out knowing, I think that's exactly what you're doing because we're talking about you having not played the game; this isn't about me.

And yes, I know what context clues are, and aside from being no literary genius I'm not picking anything remotely related to "clues" in your post.

Flying around in a strog helicopter in advanced mode is not something a n00b does. As far as being unique, well you're wrong the most unique ive played is tremulous thats a real alien vs human game.

That's because the game has a curve, like quake 4. You can't play the game in a month and be a pro at it; it's going to take quite a long time. With the flying vehicles, probably even more than a few months. And as far as unique goes, I'm referring to how ETQW's gameplay has never been conceived or done correctly before, because etqw is the first, and if you don't go into the game already thinking that it's going to suck, then you'll see they did a pretty good job.

Kamikazee@Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 7:59 pm :
missingxtension wrote:
Soldiers are meant to be grunts who only kill.

The reason SD gave the soldier the explosives is because in W:ET, you couldn't do that much with the class and one single engie could complete all objective. Now, a player needs to kill itself or rely on it's teammates to construct and to blow stuff up, which gives the offenders a chance to fall back.

If you say "grunts who only kill" you take the thing for granted and don't want it to change; this means that ET:QW could just have been another W:ET should this been true.

Anyway, no use "discussing" things. If you played the demo as you say, you probably made up your mind. I think it's a fun game, and well, different people can always have different opinions.

EDIT: Oops, other people seem to reply to your posts as well. To each his opinion, I guess.

Also, welcome to the forums.

missingxtension@Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2007 12:59 am :
okay last post i really got more important things to do, it is xmas.
1. Acepted internet and irc talk is LOL, LMAO, HAX0R
take a look at this even google has a preference obscure gramar under language
people just like to pick on other peoples grammar when they cant make a good point, and beileve that everyone should be able to speak english
. if grammar really is a problem then i guess it would have been a requirement in the terms.
2. Tremulous is a small and obscure community, as of this instant there are 184 servers with only 359 players. It is a fact
3. notice the words in both of those sentences
"it is a big improvement over battle field 2"
no where does it state anything about improving on, it would read like this
"it is a big improvement of battle field 2"
small but important
4. ETQW is not hard to get into. in the simples term its point and click.
I am sure someone who doesn't read the game manual would be at a total loss, but other than that it is no chess match.
5. I Hold fear in high regards because the game is so engaging, it has all the makings of a good story.
I also like the way enemies react to the environments. what could be more impressive than shooting someone in the knees and have them stumble.
Just the way it the bodies move around to shots. nailing bodies to the wall, and then if u shot the hand it moves so realisticaly.
Fear is also a very fun game if you take out all the shiny stuff.

now this should set some things straigh, i know there will b someone who just want to impose the will of they're superior intellect on me simply because
i am not a fan of this incarnation. I don't mind at all, thats what forums are for, but the grammar thing is so elementary. I am talking about a game there is nothing serious about that, if u wanna talk about iraq, rhowanda, federal deficits.

ps. there is a plug in to firefox that should allow you to post on forums from a shared account. I forgot what the name of it is, i believe its from the maker of ratailmenot

goliathvt@Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 12:20 pm :
"it's no chess match..."

And that's what leads folks here to believe you haven't played the game enough. Personally, I think the analogy of ETQW being a real-time, first person-strategy chess match is a pretty good one. To succeed you have to think several "moves" ahead and create opportunities for your offensive "pieces" to be able to topple your opponent while maintaining a proper defense or cover of your major assets. On offense, this would be your main objective-completing class. On defense, this would be the objective you're trying to keep secure.

I think the general idea that people walk away with after reading your opinion is that you didn't quite give the game enough time so that you would experience the types of things mentioned above... the full depth of the gameplay. As far as I can tell, that's the resounding concern from previous posts.

Put simply, you're entitled to your opinion. But others are justified in calling you out on it and pointing holes in your statements. That, after all, is what a discussion forum is all about.