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I'm heading up a small team of people who are trying to create a carmageddon-esque modification for ET:QW. Whilst I have had the idea for years, and announced the mod over a year ago, with the release of Quake Wars and the impending SDK are preparing to enter real development.

We have a public Game Design Document available here. It details a game type closely related to carmageddon, modified obviously for online campaign-style play. We have many ideas internally for other game modes, but wish to keep development focused while main features are implemented in a fairly open 'public-alpha' style. The GDD is being constantly updated, but that is the latest public version.

Aiming for a fun racer, we hope to implement the kind of gameplay which will give it a bit of longevity. Sure, many many tidbits are taken from other games/mods, but we want to fuse them in a way which gives Wheels of War a 'wow, this is certainly a bit different!' feel.

Recently, a public Car Design contest was run. We had many entries, and after four rounds of developer voting we got down to these three. The vehicles will, in due course, feature in the game with the designers recieving a high quality in-game print.

We already have two modelers on the team, AudiC and eb. eb has been working on a dune-buggy style vehicle, while AudiC has completed one of our checkpoint designs and is currently running through a list of other map models we require.

Image Image

We are requiring more modelers with experience in your usual high-poly->normalmap->low-poly work process of todays engines. In addition to this, texture artists are needed to create everything from UI graphics to map detail. Experience in vehicular modelling is a definate plus.

Whilst this post is mainly aimed at attracting interest of the modeling and art community, if anyone is interested enough to lend a hand we could probably use your respective talents at some point in development. Please get in touch if you think you could be an asset to the development team.

Thanks for reading. Our website can be found at .

TTK-Bandit@Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 3:14 pm :
hey if you need another car design, here is one I made for overdose, but it wasn't accepted because it didn't fit the theme, so you are free to use it, if it fits yours :)

its a hovercraft, imagine a rusty metall skin.
the cockpit does not look like I imagined it, better remove the first 3 lines in the windshield.

can't model, so can't help you with that, good luck with your mod :)

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Thanks! :)