Gateway@Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 2:44 amĀ :
I work for a great video game company in the San Francisco Bay area, we are looking for a skilled programmer who can help bring our tools into the next generation of level editing. We need someone who understands the whole process of level editing and has potentially created their own maps or at least used the tools that are avail (unreal, crisys, doom ed, hammer).. We would like to take the best of these tools and build a better system for our company to use in its current and future products.

here is the nitty gritty..

Job Requirements:
-Excellent win32 and MFC programming experience
-Strong (4 years or more) C experience
-Strong (3 years or more) C++ experience
-Good skills in understanding complex software systems

-Previous development of a complex GUI (win32/MFC) based tool
-Audio programming experience
-Qt GUI tool programming skills
-OpenGL programming
-Previous exposure to game tools development (3D editing tools, art/animation tools)
-Good C++ design skills (OOD/OOP using Design Patterns, UML)
-GUI design experience
-3D graphics programming knowledge

-Master's degree in computer science

you can conact me personally though the forum and I can get you more information if interested.