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This program allows you to create a psychological profile of your friends, co-workers, and just... people you know. In the space of two days you can have psychological profiles for your friends allowing you to review their psychological values and know how you can approach and communicate with them best.

If you work on a coustomer service phoneline, this software is particually usefull for building psycholoigical prfiles of customers with on-going problems - using the psychological profiles you build of your customers you will know what type of words to use for that particular person and how best to communicate down the phone with them.

The program uses basic NLP terminology which is fast and easy to pickup on the net, I have provided some resources in the application that may help you.

Using the software you can create new profiles, and use the psychological scoring system to easily calculate a person psychological bios over a short period of time.

The software allows XOR encryption of the database file based on a passphrase and can compress database files using GZIP.

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