voldemort@Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:47 pmĀ :
tutorial textured lights all axis fix

Im sure some of you have noticed that if you take a textured light in Doom3 that the texture only displays properly on the 1 axis at a time
This is a direct engine limitation that can be frustrating
a long time ago I came up with a working solution to this problem and someone pointed out to me yesterday I never posted a tutorial on this mehtod --sorry

anyhow here is the realated thread with the solution


initially I was looking to see if someone had an answer and there was no working solution except useing 3 seperate lights
there is a solution that even grandma could use

Take your time and look very carefully at the screenshots in that post they show the magic

take your light and manually rotate them 45 degrees on one axis and then another 45 on a second axis (you should have a diamond shape now)

by presenting all 3 sides to the z axis it tricks the engine into doing what you want the only problem is your texture is now rotate 45 degrees
you can fix this by makeing a new texture or rotateing it your self in your material def file

hope this helps folks again look at the last few posts of mine in that link for more detail