Ranger@Posted: Thu May 27, 2010 9:18 am :
What do I need to edit to make the plasmagun's decal appear on NPCs/monsters?

In the plasmagun's .def,
I added the plasmagun's, plasma-impact-world decal, to the area in the .def where the settings of the plasma hitting a monster/NPC is stored.
Ingame, nothing appears on the shot at models. But when I tried with the generic, bullet-impact-metal decal, that decal appeared on those monsters when I shot them with the plasmagun.

I tried opening the decals file in the materials folder, but when I compared the plasma-impact-world decal entry, and the bullet-impact-metal decal entry, I found barely any difference. Only: "if (param = 7)", or something like that. But when I copied that to the plasmagun decal and tried ingame, still no decal appears at shot monsters. :o

RangerMcFriendly@Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:06 am :
Hi Ranger,

Hopefully you will see this. I haven't done this with the plasmagun, but I have with the chaingun.

In the Doom 3 Base folder, make a new folder called materials, if you already have not. Open the materials folder, and create a new text fire called "customdecals.mtr". Add this line of code.


   qer_editorimage textures/decals/hurt02.tga
   decalInfo 0.5 10 ( 1 1 1 10 ) ( -5 -5 -5 0 )      // fade rgb down fast (clamps

to 0), but leave alpha clamped at 1 for the first nine seconds

                blend    add
                map textures/decals/ballburn_plasma


Now open up the plasmagun .def file. Find "entityDef damage_plasmablast"

entityDef   damage_plasmablast {
   "damage"               "30"
   "smoke_wound_flesh"         "smoke_wound_plasma.prt"              //"bloodwound.prt"
   "gib"                  "1"


I modified mine so it will look different than yours, but add this line of code below under '"gib"'

"mtr_wound_flesh"   "textures/decals/hurt09"


The plasmagun should now leave its glowing decal on the enemy, however, I don't know how to fade it. I've been trying to figure this out on the chaingun. If you need anymore more help just let me know. PM me anytime.

Hope this helps.

Ranger@Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:56 am :
Yeah, I got the decals to appear but they don't glow... I don't think Doom 3 properly supports 2 stage (glow) decals on dynamic models (monster/npc models)

RangerMcFriendly@Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:19 pm :
They do glow. Make sure the other decal isn't rendering over it, obscuring it. It is most noticeable in a very dark room for testing.