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We all know the default way of normal number value recoil time and angle is kind of lame, just goes up and down or diagonally repeatability. Im not a scripter and Im sloooooowly learning but is there a way I can make the recoil alternate randomly between multiple recoil angles? I want a slight tactical shooter like recoil, its a cheap simulation where single shots are dead on but uncontrollable firing will recoil to the recoil angles. If I can do this how would I define in in scripts to cycle randomly through recoil angles?


I dont know much about anything in scripting, but I was suggesting that (well, for starters I'll learn it :) ) When the gun fires I have a range of min-max spread for the gun, the spread value increases as the number of launched projectiles increases, where the minimum spread is 0 and max is like 5. The spread value increases over time, like 3 seconds.