VelociRaptorGTX@Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:07 pm :
Hello fellow Doom fans!

**First of all i am a fan of your awesome Mod Sikkpin! so BIG respect to you** :P

I have finally completed my Doom 3 Graphics Modification!

The goal of the Mod is to make Doom 3 more alive and a more realistic game by adding modern (2012) graphics, high resolution textures and realistic weapon sound effects into the game.

The "Core" is now driven by DoF and HDR with HD Textures, the result is amazing and can't really be seen in a video and/or screenshots, you need to play the game!

The game should now be played at high resolutions (1920x1080 and higher) with high FSAA (8x or higher) for maximum immersion.

It is hard to believe now that the game was first released in 2004! it almost looks and feel like a modern FPS game! :O

Veloci = Stands for Velocity aka Weapon Velocity
REAL = Stands for Realism With awesome effects like Depth Of Field and High Dynamic Range
Ultimate = Ultimate Experience

The Modification includes:

* Modern Graphics (DoF and HDR is activated by default)
* Sikkmod v1.2 (Awesome Mod made by Sikkpin)
* HD Textures (Awesome Textures made by Wulfen1)
* HD Main Menu and Fonts (made by 6th Venom)
* New Weapon Model(s)
* New Weapon Sound Effects
* New Main Theme Title Music (deactivated by default)

The Modification supports:

* DoF
* Bloom
* Soft Shadows
* Motion Blur
* HD Textures
* And More!

I have spent quite some time tweaking the .cfg file and ingame testing. I have also optimized the mod (GTX 460)

My Mod is powered by:

"Sikkmod" v1.2 made by Sikkpin


(BIG credits to Sikkpin for this amazing Doom 3 Modification!)

Mod Installation:

Simply extract the "VelociREAL Ultimate.rar" File into your Doom 3 main directory. Do NOT place it in the "base" folder.

Example with Mod installed correct:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Doom 3\VelociREAL Ultimate

The mod can be loaded in two ways.

1) is to load it through the "Mods" main menu item.

2) is to use a custom shortcut to load it directly. You do this by creating a new shortcut for your "Doom3.exe". Right-click on it and select "Properties". Click on the "Shortcut" tab and in the "Target:" field put this:

+set fs_game VelociREAL Ultimate

after "...\Doom3.exe"

Example: "C:\Games\Doom 3\Doom3.exe" +set fs_game VelociREAL Ultimate

But i recommend you use step 1 to load the Mod.

** Important Notice: Doom 3 must be version 1.3.1! **

My Mod is hosted on RapidShare

DOWNLOAD the Mod here:

You can also visit my new Doom 3 website (Blog) here:

My video of the Mod on YouTube can be seen here:





OttoS@Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 3:36 pm :
Hi VelociRaptorGTX,

is your mod compatible with the D3-retail-version without any addons like RoE?
And can you please upload further, splitted download-packs? I cannot download your big rapidshare-file, because my download-connection breaks down before ending (10 hours estimated without rapidshare-premium!).

Otto S.

IntelQ9550Reaktor@Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:41 pm :
THX for the Mod !
Could you please add some screenshots ?
Especially from the New Weapon Skins, and the other never seen things, (Every one can see the WulfenTextures and Sikkmod in their own Threads)
and a little more bigger (with external links to the Big Images, for example) if its possible :)

IntelQ9550Reaktor@Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 7:57 am :
Can you please upload the mod on an other mirror !?