illiop@Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:48 pm :
hay ,
The new game called "Crash!" is released on google play! It is a free 3D game, tank kick cars' ass game.
It is with DOOM3 style -- DARK (EDIT: And silly darkness is the only thing you may construct as a far fetched similarity to Doom3)
You are travel in a dark world, especially in the night mode, you rely on the spot light of your tank.
It is real dark, not fake.
When I start to create a new game on android just after playing DOOM3 the 10th time, I think, it's better in DOOM3 style, mistery in the dark!

It's cool that I finished it, you know, game programming is very hard for none game developer, you must read many book on this subject,maths,physics,opengl,special effects,lighting.....
It is frustrated sometimes, at that time, I play DOOM3 or RAGE for a while, and think if john carmack come accross this problem, how can he do? To get it fucking solved !

You can find it on google play: ... NoZ2FtZSJd

You can see the screen shot on above web site, or see the attached PNG files

BNA!@Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:43 pm :
There's nothing Doom style about your game - but since you've chosen the Pimping section so you may advertise it here.