Spitfire24@Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2004 3:36 am :
I found this in my C: directory. Apparently doomRadiant generated it automatically. Should be very useful for some of you.

Formatted word file of the list. (everything is lined up properly)

AxialTextureByHeight       U
AxialTextureArbitrary       Shift + U
AxialTextureByWidth       Control + U
ToggleRenderSound          F9
ToggleSelections          F8
RebuildRenderData          F7
ToggleRenderAnimation       F6
ToggleEntityOutlines          F5
ToggleRealtimeRenderBuild       F4
ToggleRenderMode          F3
FindOrReplaceEnt          Control + F3
FindOrReplaceNextEnt       Shift + F3
ShowDOOM             F2
ToggleMoveOnly          W
ViewGame             G
Ungroup             Shift + G
HideSelected             H
ShowHidden             Shift + H
HideNotSelected          Shift + Control + H
BendMode             B
FitFace             Control + B
FitBrush             Shift + B
FreezePatchVertices          F
UnFreezePatchVertices       Control + F
UnFreezeAllPatchVertices       Shift + Control + F
ViewTextures             T
ThickenPatch             Control + T
ClearPatchOverlays          Shift + Y
MakeOverlayPatch          Y
SurfaceInspector          S
PatchInspector          Shift +   S
CycleCapTexturingAlt       Shift + P
CycleCapTexturingAlt       Shift + Control + P
ToggleShowPatches          Control + P
RedisperseRows          Control + E
RedisperseCols          Shift + Control + E
InvertTextureX          Shift + Control + I
InvertTextureY          Shift + I
InvertCurve             Control + I
IncPatchColumn          Shift + Control + Plus
IncPatchRow             Control + Plus
DecPatchColumn          Shift + Control + Subtract
DecPatchRow             Control + Subtract
Patch TAB             Tab
Patch TAB             Shift + Tab
SelectNudgeDown          Alt + Down
EntityColor             K
CameraForward          Up
CameraBack             Down
CameraLeft             Left
CameraRight             Right
CameraUp             D
CameraDown             C
CameraAngleUp          A
CameraAngleDown          Z
CameraStrafeRight          Period
CameraStrafeLeft          Comma
ToggleGrid             0
SetGridPoint5             Shift + 4
SetGridPoint25          Shift + 3
SetGridPoint125          Shift + 2
SetGrid1             1
SetGrid2             2
SetGrid4             3
SetGrid8             4
SetGrid16             5
SetGrid32             6
SetGrid64             7
DragEdges             E
DragVertices             V
ViewEntityInfo          N
ViewConsole             O
CloneSelection          Space
DeleteSelection          Backspace
UnSelectSelection          Escape
CenterView             End
ZoomOut             Insert
ZoomOut2             $
ZoomIn             Delete
UpFloor             PageUp
DownFloor             PageDown
ToggleClipper          X
ToggleCrosshairs          Shift + X
TogTexLock             Shift + T
ToggleFlatRotation          Control + R
CycleRotationAxis          Shift + R
EntityList             I
Layers                L
Preferences             P
ToggleCamera          Shift + Control + C
ToggleView             Shift + Control + V
ToggleZ             Shift + Control + Z
CombineSelection          Shift + K
ConnectSelection          Control + K
Brush3Sided             Control + 3
Brush4Sided             Control + 4
Brush5Sided             Control + 5
Brush6Sided             Control + 6
Brush7Sided             Control + 7
Brush8Sided             Control + 8
Brush9Sided             Control + 9
ShowDetail             Control + D
MakeDetail             Shift + Control + M
MakeDetail             Control + M
MediaBrowser          M
CSGMerge             Shift + M
NextLeakSpot          Shift + Control + K
PrevLeakSpot             Shift + Control + L
FileOpen             Control + O
FileSave             Control + S
NextView             Control + Tab
ClipSelected             Return
SplitSelected             Shift + Return
FlipClip             Control + Return
MouseRotate             R
Copy                Control + C
Paste                Control + V
Undo                Control + Z
Redo                Control + Y
ZZoomOut             Control + Insert
ZZoomIn             Control + Delete
TexDecrement          Shift + Subtract
TexIncrement             Shift + Plus
TextureFit             Shift + 5
TexRotateClock          Shift + PageDown
TexRotateCounter          Shift + PageUp
TexScaleUp             Control + Up
TexScaleDown          Control + Down
TexShiftLeft             Shift + Left
TexShiftRight             Shift + Right
TexShiftUp             Shift + Up
TexShiftDown          Shift + Down
GridDown             [
GridUp             ]
TexScaleLeft             Control + Left
TexScaleRight          Control + Right
CubicClipZoomOut          Control + [
CubicClipZoomIn          Control + ]
ToggleCubicClip       Control + \
MoveSelectionDOWN    Subtract
MoveSelectionUP       Plus
DumpSelectedBrush       Shift + D
ToggleSizePaint       Q
SelectNudgeLeft       Alt + Left
SelectNudgeRight       Alt + Right
SelectNudgeUp       Alt + Up
NaturalizePatchAlt       Shift + N
NaturalizePatch       Control + N
SnapPatchToGrid       Control + G
ShowAllTextures       Control + A
SelectAllOfType       Shift + A
AutoCaulk          Shift + Control + A
CapCurrentCurve       Shift + C
MakeProjectedLight       J
MakeStructural       Shift + Control + S
CenterOrigin          Shift + O
FindReplaceTextures       Shift + F
SelectCompleteEntity    Shift + Alt + Control + E
PrecisionCursorMode    F11
FilterLights          Alt + 0
InvertSelection       I
ShowClip          Control + L

skucker@Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2004 3:44 am :
You get the same thing if you go to the help drop-down menu in the editor and click command list. :)

tequila@Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2004 3:50 am :
on a related note you can type various stuff in the console just like the game, r_showlightcount being the most useful.

what you see isn't identical to in game because your map isn't compiled into triangles, but it's handy nonetheless.

wviperw@Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 3:46 am :
Is anybody else having problems with some of the keyboard shortcuts?

For example, CTRL+M should make things detail, but it doesn't seem to do it. 'U' should show only textures in use, but nothing happens when I hit it. Also, is there a replacement for the CTRL+SHIFT+R shortcut used to region brush selections off like Radiant has?

Shallow@Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 8:29 am :
There's no concept of structural or detail in D3 as far as I can tell, so you can't set things as detail. Strangely the Detail filter still works though, although it obviously doesn't do anything! Abandon caulk hulling if that's what you're trying to do, D3 visibility seems to work in a fundamentally different way to Q3 engine games.

The U key thing is a shame though - the texture scaling shortcuts don't work for me either. I think the U key may heve been disabled as a side effect of the different way in which the media/texture browsers work.