MNeMiC@Posted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 10:18 pm :
Time for some scary effects, here is how you make a monster spawn, wherever you want it, whenever you want it and how to tell it where to move when it's spawned. ... o_tscc.rar

Size:3.99 Mb
Length:2:01 Minutes

You will need the TECC codec to view any of Mnemics video tutorials which can be found here.


Lord_Calgar445@Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 6:28 am :
linke doesnt work


Link still doesnt work....

solo@Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 11:37 am :
The link works for me, but the video will not play. I have had the same problem with most of the videos on that page

Lord_Calgar445@Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 12:21 pm :
well i'll put it this way, i cant get to the website.

MNeMiC@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 5:05 pm :
Alright then, here's the first Video Tutorial which got a sound update from me. ... o_tscc.rar

Please comment if the audio is okey and if it's helping or not, I think it's okey, and for about 2 minutes of video size increased around 400kb when I added audio.

There should be no extra codec required for the audio.

Please comment so I know if I should add audio to all the other tutorials aswell since it takes alot of time.

Hex@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 6:21 pm :
I too couldn't just click on the link, but right-click, save as, works.

Video wouldn't play, I had to go get the techsmith codec here:

I think the audio is worthwhile, it would be difficult to follow without a few key phrases that aid the understanding of what you're doing ...

Faraii@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 6:29 pm :
The audio sounded very clear in my machine. A little autonomic but very clear.

I can't say if the audio helped or not because I already knew the material that this tutorial covered. To see whether or not it helps I would have to compare it with stuff that I don't know how to do yet.


MNeMiC@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 6:40 pm :
hmm, so it looks like it's better then not to have I think.

I think I'm gonna upgrade the other ones also then :S

Eutectic@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 7:05 pm :
The audio is ok but that's the only thing that plays. I analyzed your avi with the G-Spot codec information utility: this parses the file and tells you what codec was used to encode it and what can play it back.

G-Spot was unable to identify the codec used for it. This can mean 2 things:

- Either you used an obscure codec I never heard of
- Or you encoded separate pieces of your video with Xvid/Divx or other and spliced the parts together afterwards.

On my PC, I have pretty much all the popular video codecs: DiVx, Xvid, Mpeg1 and 2, WMV, WMA, etc... If I can't play it, then I doubt very much that it's playable. I could be wrong but something isn't quite kosher with that video stream IMHO.

MDMAchine@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 7:38 pm :
Video works for me use the tssc codec

I dont think it was DivX, XviD, or 3viX
also good codecs to have are the D:)X or whatever lol

they have some kind of smiley face in the name.

But I am sure if you find and install the tssc codec you wont have a issue watchin vid's from MNeMiC

gToon@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 7:41 pm :
Hex had the right codec - Techsmith. Once I installed it, the video worked perfectly. I would think even minimal audio is necessary to point out certain key points in the tutorial. While it takes a bit of getting used to, I found the audio to be understandable and could follow the tutorial very well. If it's not too much work, I'd recommend adding some audio to the other tutorials as well. And thanks for your hard work!

MNeMiC@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 7:49 pm :
alright, i will for sure update the other ones ASAP, however I have to go to bed now cuz school starts tomorrow :'( I will probably update one or two tomorrow, Ill BUMP the threads when I do.

MDMAchine@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 7:51 pm :
MNeMiC wrote:
alright, i will for sure update the other ones ASAP, however I have to go to bed now cuz school starts tomorrow :'( I will probably update one or two tomorrow, Ill BUMP the threads when I do.

Good work! So you are using Camtasia Studio to make these? Just out of curiosity?

MNeMiC@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 8:00 pm :
Yep, Camtasia studio for all graphic VT's
I'm gonna make a VT showing the whole process of making a VT pretty soon, from scratch, including how to add the kinda sound I used.

MDMAchine@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 8:05 pm :
Hehe cool deal!

Yeah one day when I get better I will try to make VT's too :-)

I know how, but am just learning the editor. I might even use it to record work on our total conversion project we are doing (still in early stages).

But your doing a kick ass job, keep up the good work.... and people

GO GET TSSC CODEC!!!!!! :twisted:

Hopefully i get good one day and I can help make VT's that would be usefull! LOL

o yah if you ever need room to host or archive your vid's lemme know I have http and FTP services. FTP is slow but has about 40+ gigs of space.


MNeMiC@Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2004 8:07 pm :
I'm sure you can, I'm just going around in the editor looking for stuff to perhaps record a tutorial on, later on I'm gonna read some of the tutorials here on the page (havnt had any time to do that yet tbh), and convert some of them into video.

Eutectic@Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 5:10 am :
My apologies Mnemic, I stand corrected. I got the TSSC codec and the videos play just fine now.

iceheart@Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 5:19 am :
Dear god! Is this the Eutectic I think it is?

MNeMiC@Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 5:50 am :
and who would that Eutectic be if I may ask? :?

"A eutectic is a mixture of two or more crystalline substances which has a lower melting point than that of any of its constituents."

iceheart@Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 4:00 pm :
This one.