Commands (Wolf)

The information on this page is specific to Wolfenstein .

Existing console commands as of version (Single Player). You can get an up to date list by typing listCmds in your console.

To Be Sorted

aas_finish_areas computes bounds for areas.
aas_goalAreaSet sets the test path goal area using the entity you name or where you are pointing
aas_tacticalExtract pulls tactical information for the current position.
aas_tacticalSetEnemyPos ai_debugMove and ai_debugTactical only work on the specified entity (if none, does one you’re looking at)
aasStats shows AAS stats
addarrow adds a debug arrow
addline adds a debug line
ai_alarmsReset shuts off all alarms
ai_clearCover tells selected ai to clear the override cover
ai_coverAdvance tells selected ai to advance cover toward his enemy
ai_coverRetreat tells selected ai to retreat cover from his enemy
ai_cycleanim cycles the given anim on the selected ai
ai_debugFilter ai_debugMove and ai_debugTactical only work on the specified entity (if none, does one you’re looking at)
ai_facePlayer tells selected ai to face you
ai_goalEntSet tells selected ai go to the point you are pointing at
ai_goalPosSet tells selected ai go to the point you are pointing at
ai_goalPosSetFace tells selected ai to go to the point you are pointingat and face the player
ai_jump makes ai do their jump frame event
ai_moveToLocation tells selected ai to move to the specified location
ai_moveToRandDist tells selected ai to move in the direction specified
ai_playanim plays the given anim on the selected ai
ai_removeAwarness removes all shared awarness of this target
ai_setHeadFK sets the focus AI into the desired headFK pose
ai_setTimeScale Sets the timescale of all AI entities
ai_startfire starts an AI on fire
ai_stopfire stops an AI from being on fire
ai_stopMoveSoft tells selected ai to stop move the first chance he gets
ai_takeCover tells selected ai to take cover at the point you are pointing at with the player as the enemy
ai_testanim tests the given anim for approach pos, etc.
ai_testFrameCommands test frame commands extraction from the given animation.
applyImpulse applys an impulse forward
aviGame writes AVIs for the current game
bind binds a key to a bind point
blinkline blinks a debug line
brainFind Find in files for brain
brainFindInMap Find in files for brains referenced by a map
brainListAnims Search anims in files for brain
brainListAnimsInMap Search anims in files for brains referenced by a map
brainListElements Lists all tasks, conditions, etc. to a tab-delimited file to be loaded by Excel.
brainListSpeech Search speech in files for brain
brainListSpeechInMap Search speech in files for brains referenced by a map
brainReportMemUsage Reports memory usage for all currently loaded brains
brainuse brainuses an entity (fires it’s OnUsed root task)
call calls script function and prints out return val
callNamedEvent calls the named event on the player HUD
cameraClear breaks out of cinematic mode
CancelDeleteCorruptSaveFile Cancels deletion of last loaded save
CancelDeleteSaveData Cancels deletion of savedata
centerview centers the view
checkDecls checks to make sure decls that are loaded have no textSource
CheckOneOfMany See if player has OneOfMany achievement, and give 1000 gold reward if they do
clear clears the console
ClearErrorScreenFlag clears an error for one of the screen to show
clearFogOverride clears the override fog params in the atmosphere system
closeConsole closes the console
closehint close current hint
closeMessageBox Closes the current message box
collapseEntJoints Collapse Joints of a named entity
collapseJoints Collapse Joints of AI
collectibleComplete collectibleComplete <setname>. Iterative completes the collectible set (test achievements)
collisionModelInfo shows collision model info
compileStreamPack compiles a single stream pack/asl file
compileStreamPacks compiles all stream pack/asl files in a given dir tree
conCopy copies lines of console text to system clipboard
conDump dumps the console text to a file
ConfirmDeleteCorruptSaveFile Confirms deletion of last loaded save
ConfirmDeleteSaveData Confirms deletion of savedata
contentManagerCommand Send a command to the content manager.
convert converts a file to a specific target
convertAscii converts a file to a specific ASCII target
crash causes a crash
crouchToggle toggle crouch on/off
cvar_restart restart the cvar system
damage apply damage to an entity
dec decrements the cvar integer value
DecrementCVar DecrementCVar <name> <amount> <min>
DeleteCorruptSaveFile Deletes last loaded save
deleteSelected deletes selected entity
devmap loads a map in developer mode
DifficultyHasChanged tells the stat manager that the difficulty setting has been changed
dir lists a folder
dirtree lists a folder with subfolders
disasmScript disassembles script
disconnect disconnects from a game
disconnectPure disconnects from a game with out all the fuss
dismissall disable hints
displayPlayerInfo usage: outputs a lot of useful information about the player’s experience
DoButton perform an button via a cmd
downtownComplete complete all the downtown missiones
dumpStealthEvents Lists info about the stealth events leading up to thecurrent state of enemy alertness
echo prints text
emote plays an emote
error causes an error
evaluateMPPerformance spawns serveral player models
exec executes a config file
execMachineSpec execs the appropriate config files and sets cvars based on com_machineSpec
exit exits the game
exportCmpMD5R Export all MD5R models in a compressed form
exportMD5R Export all MD5R models
fadeSound fades all sound by X decibles over Y seconds
failMission fail a mission
flushDecls deallocates all current decls
forceBind binds a key to a bind point (overrides read-only controllers)
forceUnbind unbinds a bind point from a key (overrides read-only controllers)
freeze freezes the game for a number of seconds
game_memory displays game class info
gameError causes a game error
GameExplorer game explorer command interface
GetAreaID gets the area ID of the portal area the player is in
getGlobalVector Gets a vector in the global vector array.
getLetterBoxedResolution Given the back buffer dimensions and the desired aspect ratio of the letter boxed area, calculate the dimensions of the letter boxed area.
getviewpos prints the current view position
gfxInfo show graphics info
give gives one or more items
GiveAchievement give logged in user an achievement
giveAllIntel gives all intel associated with the current district
giveAllPowerUpgrades Called by cheat menu to give all veil powers and upgrades
giveGold gives gold to the player
giveMission give a mission to the player
giveObjectives gives all objectives for the specified mission to theplayer (unhides objectives)
givePowers usage: givePowers <powernum1> … (if none specified,gives all powers)
god enables god mode
GoToHub Called by Notebook.swf to abort the mission and return to it’s HUB.
gotoMission allows the player to skip to or replay a specific mission
hide hides a entity, or unhides a hidden entity
hitch hitches the game
hk_RagdollExtractPose forces the AF of the target ent to create a ragdoll and extract the ragdoll reference pose
hk_RagdollMatchAnim forces the AF of the target ent to recalculate and dump its AF core body defs and offsets
holsterToggle holster/unholster your weapon
HUDReset used whenever HUD should close but wont because its the hud. Basically turns off some of it’s variables that would be called in posthide
in_restart restarts the input system
inc increments the cvar integer value
incGlobalVector Increments a vector in the global vector array.
IncrementCVar IncrementCVar <name> <amount> <max>
IntelMissionSelection Called by Notebook.swf to change selected mission in Intel tab.
IntelOpenSelection Called by Notebook.swf to activate the selected mission in objective tab.
JournalActivateMission Called by Notebook.swf to activate the selected mission in objective tab.
JournalCloseIntel Instructs the journal to close any open intel
JournalMapDT Instructs the journal to load up the map for downtown
JournalMapMTE Instructs the journal to load up the map for midtown east
JournalMapMTW Instructs the journal to load up the map for midtown west
JournalMissionSelection Called by Notebook.swf to change selected mission in objective tab.
JournalTutorialExit Finish the journal tutorial
JournalTutorialIntel Plays the VO for the journal tutorial
JournalTutorialMaps Plays the VO for the journal tutorial
JournalTutorialObjectives Plays the VO for the journal tutorial
JournalTutorialStatistics Plays the VO for the journal tutorial
JournalTutorialUpgrades Plays the VO for the journal tutorial
JournalUpgradeSelection Called by Notebook.swf to change selected weapon inupgrades tab.
kill kills the player
killActiveEnemies kills (not removes) all active (non-hidden) enemies
killItems removes all items
killMonsters removes all monsters
killMoveables removes all moveables
killRagdolls removes all ragdolls
killVehicles kills all vehicles
launchMultiplayer launches the multiplayer executable
listActiveAI list active AI w/ zone and scenario
listActiveEntities lists active game entities
listActiveFX lists active fx entities and client entities
listActiveScenarios Lists info about the active scenario set
listAF lists articulated figures
listAllDecls lists every single decl, not just the summary
listAnimBlendTrees lists animation blend tree decls
listAnimBlendTreeTechniques lists animation blend tree techniques decls
listAnims lists all animations
listAnimTrackWeights lists animation track weight decls
listBinds list all of the current binds
listClasses lists game classes
listCmds lists commands
listCollisionModels lists collision models
listCvars lists cvars
listDecls lists all decls
listDevices list all of the currently found input devices
listDictKeys lists all keys used by dictionaries
listDictValues lists all values used by dictionaries
ListDLC lists found DLC
listEffects lists effect decls
listEntities lists game entities
listEntityClassNum lists
listEntityDefs lists entity defs
listEntityStats lists global entity stats
listGameCmds lists game commands
listglobals list one or all globals
listHuffmanFrequencies lists decl text character frequencies
listLines lists all debug lines
listLipsyncs lists lip sync decls
listlocals list one or all locals
listMaterialAttribs lists non-rendering attributes of materials
listMaterials lists materials
listMaterialTransformTemplate lists material transform templates
listMaterialTypes lists material types
listMissions lists all missions and their current status
listModelDefs lists model defs
listModels lists all models
listMonsters lists monsters: optional args: <noHidden> <enemiesOnly> <noPrintWeapons> <countOnly>
listPlaybacks lists playback decls
ListPlayerStates Lists several states associated with the player (god,undying, notarget, novis, noclip)
listRefreshRatesForResolution Print the available display refresh rates forthe given resolution.
listRenderEntityDefs lists the entity defs
listRendererCmds lists renderer commands
listRenderLightDefs lists the light defs
listScenarioDupes Lists all entities within the given scenario that arereferenced by more than one scenario
listSecrets List all secrets in current level.
ListShaders Lists all loaded shaders
listSkins lists skins
listSoundCmds lists sound commands
listSpawnArgs list the spawn args of an entity
listSpawnIds lists map entity numbers
listSystemCmds lists system commands
listTables lists tables
listTAIs lists tai decls
listTechniques lists all loaded techniques
listThreads lists script threads
listToolCmds lists tool commands
listVertexCache lists vertex cache
listVideoResolutions Print the available display resolutions.
listVideos lists videos
LoadGamepadBinds loads gamepad bindings from in_buttonConfig and in_stickConfig
lodMD5R Generate a LOD MD5R model from a series of models andwrite it out
mainMenuCommand Execute a command to the main menu entity
map loads a map
mapVersion prints the map version (timestamp)
measureFillRate measures fill rate performance of GPU
memoryFragmentationStats show heap fragmentation stats
memoryPrintAllocations prints a list of all the allocations within a certain heap
memoryPrintNumUniformBlocksAllocated Print the number of uniform blocks allocated for a physical heap
messageBox message box test
messageBoxSession Message box test exe-side
midtownComplete complete all the midtown missions
momoney Gives player infinite money
NewCampaignHasStarted tells the stat manager that a new campaign has started
notarget disables the player as a target
novis disables the player as a target
openedhint opened a hint
openScenarioPicker Allows the player to pick the scenario for the current zone
parse prints tokenized string
parseAnimWeightDecls forces anim weights to be parsed generating any content errors
parseBlendTreeDecls forces blend trees to be parsed generating any content errors
parseCommandEventDecls forces command events to be parsed generating any content errors
parseMaterials forces materials to be parsed generating material parsing errors
parseSoundEffectDecls forces sound effects to be parsed generating any content errors
passMission mark a mission as completed
path lists search paths
pause See
performLoadStreamPackTimings Loads a stream pack for debugging some loadingcode
play See
playerBindTo binds the player to an entity
playerKilledAllEnemies Have the player pretend like he’s killed all enemies.
playerModel sets the given model on the player
popLight removes the last created light
populateArea usage: populateArea [maxSpawned] [entType] - spawns specified # of enemies (default 20) around you (can specify type, default is new_ss_sentry)
populateSkies usage: populateArea [maxSpawned] [entType]
populateStreets usage: populateArea [maxSpawned] [entType]
printAF prints an articulated figure
PrintDeclMemoryStats shows memory stats for the decl system
printEffects prints effects
printEntityDef prints an entity def
printLipsyncs prints lip syncs
printMaterial prints a material
printMaterialTransformTemplate prints a material transform template
printMaterialTypes prints material types
printMemInfo prints memory debugging data
printModel prints model info
printModelDefs prints a model def
printPlaybacks prints playbacks
printSkin prints a skin
printTable prints a table
printVideo prints a video decl
PurchaseAccept Called by Purchase.swf to accept the current purchase.
PurchaseAcceptAmmo Called by Purchase.swf to complete ammo transaction.
PurchasePowersList Called by Purchase.swf to request veil powers list.
PurchaseSelectAmmo Called by Purchase.swf to select ammo for purchase.
PurchaseSelectPower Called by Purchase.swf to request detailed info on a power.
PurchaseSelectUpgrade Called by Purchase.swf to request upgrade info.
PurchaseSelectWeapon Called by Purchase.swf to request detailed info on a weapon.
PurchaseWeaponsList Called by Purchase.swf to request weapon list.
quit quits the game
quitMission allows the player to quit out of the current mission
recommendedVideoMode print the recommended video settings for full screen on this machine
refreshCompassIcons updates persistent district compass icons based on current global variables
RefreshMissionCompleteStats Refreshes the mission complete stats
RefreshPurchaseUpgrades Called by purchase.swf to refresh upgrades, so weapons draw correctly.
reloadanims reloads animations
reloadBrains reload brains
reloadDecls reloads decls
reloadEngine reloads the engine down to including the file system
reloadFAS reloads the viseme data
reloadglobals reload one or all globals
reloadLanguage reload language dict
reloadModels reloads models
reloadScenes reloads scenes
reloadScript reloads scripts
reloadShaders reloads the hardware shader programs
reloadVectors reloads the global vector manager
remove removes an entity
removeline removes a debug line
removeTargetEnt Removes the entity the player is aiming at
ReopenMenu reopens the current menu
resaveDecl resaves a decl or every decl of a certain type
rescanSI internal - rescan serverinfo cvars and tell game
reset resets a cvar
resetCollectibles resets all of the data/globals for collectibles collected
resetMission reset one or all missions
resetScenario Resets the given scenario
rumble rumble the controller
rumbleWithTables rumble the controller using a table description
RunAutomatedTester Run a set of automated tests.
saveMoveables save all moveables to the .map file
saveSelected saves the selected entity to the .map file
ScaleformAddMapIcon Add icon to map
ScaleformBindNextAnalogEvent Set text on the scaleform controller screen
ScaleformBindNextJoystickEvent Set text on the scaleform controller screen
ScaleformBindNextKeyEvent Set text on the scaleform controller screen
ScaleformBufferCommand appends a command for execution
ScaleformCaptureNextStartPress Looks for next gamepad start press and actives that gamepad
ScaleformClearPreviousBinds Clears any previous key bindings to given key
ScaleformClearSpecificBind Clears a previous bindpoint and key pair
ScaleformCloseMenu Called by SWFs to close themselves.
ScaleformCloseVideo Closes the current video if one is playing
ScaleformControllerChanged Notifies scaleform when a controller changed so it can update button hints and stuff
ScaleformDiedLoadMenu Called by death menu to goto the main menu
ScaleformDiedRestart Called by death menu to restart from checkpoint
ScaleformDrawUnlocked Called by the end of level stats menu to ask for a compilation of unlockables
ScaleformEndLetterBox If in the HUD, turns off letterbox and shows stuff
ScaleformGetAnalogBindIds retrieves bindpoint description
ScaleformGetAnalogBindString retrieves bindpoint langstrings
ScaleformGetAudioModes Get audio modes supported by the game.
ScaleformGetBindString retrieves bindpoint description
ScaleformGetButtonFromBindPoint Returns a button id of a given bind point
ScaleformGetCurrentVideoMode Get the currently set video resolution and refresh rate for this machine.
ScaleformGetCVarDefaultValue retrieves cvar default value and passes it to actionscript through a callback
ScaleformGetCVarMaxValue retreives cvar max value and passes it to actionscript through a callback
ScaleformGetCVarMinValue retreives cvar min value and passes it to actionscript through a callback
ScaleformGetCVarValue retreives cvar value and passes it to actionscript through a callback
ScaleformGetDefaultNormalizedGamma Get the default gamma value. Normalized[0,1].
ScaleformGetDemoMenus Returns whether or not we are using demo menus
ScaleformGetGamepadActive Allows the scaleform to query for an active gamepad
ScaleformGetGodMode Gets the value of the god mode cheat
ScaleformGetInputDevices Get input devices supported by the game.
ScaleformGetJoystickBindIds retrieves bindpoint description
ScaleformGetJoystickBindString retrieves bindpoint langstrings
ScaleformGetKeyBindIds retrieves bindpoint description
ScaleformGetKeyBindString retrieves bindpoint langstrings
ScaleformGetLetterBoxedResolution Get the letter boxed resolution to achieve the given aspect ratio.
ScaleformGetLocalizedString Localizes a #str
ScaleformGetMainStoryFinished Returns whether or not the player has beaten the game.
ScaleformGetMaxAnisotropyBias Get the max aniso bias as a floating point value [0,1].
ScaleformGetMPPreorderDLC Returns whether or not we have the MP Preorder for 2000 dollars
ScaleformGetNormalizedGamma Get the current gamma value. Normalized [0,1].
ScaleformGetPostProcessHighQuality Get the post process quality to low or high quality
ScaleformGetRecommendedVideoMode Get the recommended video resolution and refresh rate for this machine.
ScaleformGetRefreshRates Get refresh rates supported for the given resolution.
ScaleformGetSignInStatus Returns whether the active controller has a profile signed in
ScaleformGetValue retrieves a value from scaleform
ScaleformGetVideoResolutions Get video modes supported by the display.
ScaleformGetWindowedFullscreenResolu tion Get the corresponding initial resolution when swithing from windowed <-> fullscreen. Takes callback width height aspectRatio goingToFullscreen
ScaleformIconPulse Makes a given power’s icon pulse
ScaleformInputHack When actionscript wants to simulate a button press
ScaleformInvokeArgs calls scaleform invoke args
ScaleformIsJoystickActive Empty string if none active, else name of the device.
ScaleformIsX360GamePadEnabled returns whether 360 controller is enabled
ScaleformListCinematics Called by cinematics menu to get the ball rolling
ScaleformLoadSWF Loads a test HUD SWF (instead of the GFX).
ScaleformMissionCompleteContinue Called by end of level stats menu, to request an advancement to next level
ScaleformPauseEmbeddedVideo Pauses an embedded video
ScaleformPauseVideo Within the video GUI, pause the playing video.
ScaleformPlayEmbeddedVideo Plays an embedded video
ScaleformPlaySound Play sound with specified attenuation (optional).
ScaleformPlayVideo Open the video gui and play a video
ScaleformPopRenderSettings This will restore the a previously pushed set ofrendering setting cvars.
ScaleformPushRenderSettings This will store the current set of rendering setting cvars.
ScaleformReopenMainMenu Closes and re-opens the main menu
ScaleformReplayAccept Called by end of level stats menu, requests a replay of the level
ScaleformRequestXInputPolling Enable per-frame polling for XInput devices.
ScaleformResetCVarValue Resets the value of a cvar to it’s default
ScaleformResumeVideo Within the video GUI, resume the paused video.
ScaleformSaveDeviceLost Alerts that the save device has been removed and clears the global popup and refreshes the saves list
ScaleformSetCursor set the win32 cursor
ScaleformSetCVarModified Sets a cvar’s modified flag
ScaleformSetFavoriteWeapon Called by WeaponSelect menu to set the player’s favorite weapon
ScaleformSetMaxAnisotropyBias Set the max aniso bias as a floating point value [0,1].
ScaleformSetNormalizedGamma Set the current gamma value. Normalized [0,1].
ScaleformSetPlayerHasCheated Sets the variable in spstatsmanager so we knowthe player has cheated
ScaleformSetPostProcessHighQuality Set the post process quality to low or high quality
ScaleformShowSkipPrompt Notification of the video skip prompt.
ScaleformShowStartMenu opens start menu
ScaleformShowStartScreen pushes startscreen menu
ScaleformStartLetterBox If in the HUD, hides components and opens up the letterbox setting
ScaleformTestButtonPrompt sends the given text to the button help message area
ScaleformTipTest sends the given text to the tip box message area
ScaleformToggleGamma Loads a gamma test pattern.
ScaleformToggleHUD Toggles the HUD on/off.
ScaleformUpdateBindText Calls SetBindText on all existing bindings
ScaleformUserHasSaveData returns whether the active user has any sava data
screenShake Shake the screen
screenshot takes a tga screenshot
script executes a line of script
SellAccept Called by Purchase.swf to sell the current selection.
set sets a cvar
seta sets a cvar and flags it as archive
SetErrorScreenFlag Sets an error for one of the screen to show
setFogOverride sets the override fog params in the atmosphere system
setglobal set a global variable
setGlobalVector Sets a vector in the global vector array.
setlocal set a local variable
setMachineSpec detects system capabilities and sets com_machineSpec to appropriate value
SetPresenceContext sets rich presence context
sets sets a cvar and flags it as server info
sett sets a cvar and flags it as tool
setu sets a cvar and flags it as user info
sfenablescenario Called by the scenario picker to toggle the status ofa scenario in the list.
sfmap Called by SWFs to queue a map change (map crashes).
sfquit Called by SWFs to exit the game.
showEntity Draws debug bounds for an entity
ShowEntityDictUsage shows entity dictionary memory usage
ShowEntitySpawnArgs shows entity spawnargs
showHeapInfo Prints information about heap usage
showMemAlloc Prints outstanding mem_alloc tags – Debug only
showMemory gives a reasonably detailed account of memory usage
showMemTagAlloc prints a list of all the allocations within a certainheap
showTempMessage shows a temporary message on the HUD
showTriSurfMemory shows memory used by triangle surfaces
sLook See
sModify See
sModifyDist See
sModifyToggle See
sModifyToggleIsolate See
sndConfig See
sndDebug See
sndDebugVoices See
sndDump See
sndDumpDefaults See
sndDumpUsage See
sndDumpVoices See
sndHelp See
sndListAssets See
sndListDecls See
sndListDefaults See
sndListPools See
sndListReverbs See
sndListVoices See
sndShot See
sndShowUsage See
soulMachinePulse causes the soul machine to pulse now
spawn spawns a game entity
spawnPyramid Spawn ents in a pyramid
spawnScenario Spawns the given scenario
speak See
SprintMode enable sprinting
sprintToggle toggle sprint on/off
stripLODs strips out lods that aren’t within the distance rangepassed in
tabComplete tab completes it’s argument
testCommandEvent tests posting an event in CommandEventSystem
testDamage tests a damage def
testDeath tests death
testLight tests a light
TestNewBloodEffects Sets Cvars for new blood effects testing
testPointLight tests a point light
testRadiusDamage does a ginormous radius damage to test performance
testSaveGameSystem tests the savegame framework using a test class.
testSIMD test SIMD code
throwAtPlayer throws the targetted object at the player
toggle toggles a cvar
toggleShroud Toggle shroud state
touch touches a decl
touchFile touches a file
touchFileList touches a list of files
touchModel touches a model
touchStreamTrigger touches a stream trigger causing it to fire
trigger triggers an entity
unbind unbinds a bind point from a key
unbindAll unbinds all bind points
undying enables undying mode (take damage down to 1 health, but do not die)
unpause See
updateFillerMissions updates active filler missions based on current global variables
vid_restart restarts renderSystem
vstr inserts the current value of a cvar as command text
wait delays remaining buffered commands one or more frames
where prints the current view position
writeConfig writes a config file
WriteConfiguration WriteConfiguration
writePrecache writes precache commands
zoomToggle toggle ironsights/scope on/off