DoomEDIT Categorised Key Bindings and Mouse Controls

DoomEDIT Keyboard and Mouse Bindings

General Usage

Show Game F2 Switches to Game *
Preferences P Opens the Preferences Window
Light Properties J Open light editor window
File Open Ctrl+O Opens the File Open box
File Save Ctrl+S Saves the map
Next Leak Spot Ctrl+Shift+K Go to the next point in the leak trace
Leak Spot Ctrl+Shift+L Go to the previous point in the leak trace

*\ Use\ Alt+Tab\ to\ switch\ back\ to\ the\ editor.

Inspector Box

View Entity Info N Selects the Entity tab
View Console O Selects the Console tab
View Textures T Selects the Textures tab
Media Browser M Selects the Media tab
Layers L Selects the Group
Show All Textures Ctrl+A Show all textures in the texture window *

*\ Shows\ all\ textures\ as\ opposed\ to\ just\ those\ textures\ in\ use.

3D Viewport Controls

Camera Forward Up Moves the camera forward
Camera Back Down Moves the camera backwards
Camera Left Left Rotates the camera left
Camera Right Right Rotates the camera right
Camera Up D Moves the camera up
Camera Down C Moves the camera down
Camera Angle Up A Pitches the camera up
Camera Angle Down Z Pitches the camera down
Camera Strafe Right Period Moves the camera right
Camera Strafe Left Comma Moves the camera left
Centre View End Centre the view horizontally
Up Floor PgUp Move the camera up to the brush above
Down Floor PgDn Move the camera down to the brush below
Toggle Selections F8 Toggles Select Mode *
Rebuild Render Data F7 Rebuilds Render Data **
Toggle Render Animation F6 Toggles material animations **
Toggle Entity Outlines F5 Toggles entity bounding boxes **
Toggle Realtime Render Build F4 Rebuilds Render Data automatically
Toggle Render Mode F3 Toggles Render Mode
Show Clip Ctrl+L Toggle showing clip brushes
Toggle Show Patches Ctrl+P Toggle showing patches
Toggle Cubic Clip Ctrl+</strong> Toggle cubic clipping on and off ***
Cubic Clip Zoom Out Ctrl+[] Bring in the draw distance
Toggle Camera Ctrl+Shift+C Show or hide the camera window

*\ Does\ not\ work. **\ Render\ mode\ must\ be\ enabled. ***\ Restricts\ draw\ distance\ in\ improve\ performance.

Mouse Control (Inside 3D)

Camera Dolly/Rotation RMB Drag Controls the camera position and orientation *
Camera Elevation/Pan Ctrl+RMB Drag Controls the camera position **
Copy Texture MMB Copies a texture to the selected brush
Tile Texture Ctrl+MMB Copies a texture FROM the selected brush ***

*\ Movement\ and/or\ rotation\ is\ relative\ to\ the\ position\ of\ the\ cursor\ in\ relation\ to\ the\ center\ of\ the\ 3D\ viewport. **\ Movement\ is\ relative\ to\ the\ position\ of\ the\ cursor\ in\ relation\ to\ the\ center\ of\ the\ of\ the\ 3D\ viewport.</sub> \ ***\\ Texture\\ is\\ aligned\\ and\\ scaled\\ in\\ relation\\ to\\ the\\ sampled\\ brush.

2D Viewport Controls

Next View Ctrl+Tab Cycle between Top, Side, and Front 2D views
Copy Ctrl+C Copy the selected brush to the clipboard
Paste Ctrl+V Paste the brush from the clipboard
Undo Ctrl+Z Undo the last edit (doesn’t always work)
Redo Ctrl+Y Redo the last undo
Toggle Grid 0 Turn on and off the grid
Set Grid 0.125 2 Set the grid size to 1/8
Set Grid 0.25 3 Set the grid size to 1/4
Set Grid 0.5 4 Set the grid size to 1/2
Set Grid 1 1 Set the grid size to 1
Set Grid 2 2 Set the grid size to 2
Set Grid 4 3 Set the grid size to 4
Set Grid 8 4 Set the grid size to 8
Set Grid 16 5 Set the grid size to 16
Set Grid 32 6 Set the grid size to 32
Set Grid 64 7 Set the grid size to 64
Grid Down - Grid size down
Grid Up + Grid size up
Zoom Out Insert Zoom Out on the grid
Zoom Out2 Home
Zoom In Delete Zoom In on the grid
Z Axis Zoom Out Ctrl+Insert Zoom Out on the Z grid
Z Axis Zoom In Ctrl+Delete Zoom In on the Z grid
Toggle Crosshairs Shift+X Toggles the lime green grid crosshair
Toggle Size Paint Q Turn on the brush size information *
Toggle Z Ctrl+Shift+Z Show or hide the Z window

*\ Only\ while\ held\ down.

Mouse Control (Inside 2D)

Entity Menu RMB Opens the entity roll-out in the 2D viewport
Rotate Camera MMB Points the camera at the cursors location
Move Camera Ctrl+MMB Click/Drag Snaps/moves the camera with the cursor
Move Z Axis Marker Shift+MMB Snaps/moves the Z axis marker *
Select Brush/Entity Shift+LMB Selects brushes and entities in both viewports
Create Brush LMB Drag Drags out a basic brush in the 2D viewport
Pan Viewport RMB Drag Pans the 2D viewport around
Zoom Viewport Scroll Wheel or Alt+Right Mouse Drag Zooms in and out of the viewport
Shear Brush Ctrl+Left Mouse Drag Shear/skews the selected brush

* This controls where in the map is displayed in the Z-axis viewport

Texture Manipulation

Find Replace Textures Shift+F Open the Find Replace Textures window
Axial Texture By Height U Sets the vertical texture scale to width/height of the face
Axial Texture By Width Ctrl+U Sets the horizontal texture scale to height/width of the face
Axial Texture Arbitrary Shift+U Switches to Axial Texture mode *
Invert Texture Y Shift+I Invert the texture T coordinate
Texture Fit Shift+5 Scales the texture so it fits exactly the size of the face
Tex Rotate Clock Shift+PgDn Rotate the texture clockwise 45 degrees
Tex Rotate Counter Shift+PgUp Rotate the texture counter-clockwise 45 degrees
Tex Shift Left Shift+Left Shift the texture to the left 1 unit
Tex Shift Right Shift+Right Shift the texture to the right 1 unit
Tex Shift Up Shift+Up Shift the texture up 1 unit
Tex Shift Down Shift+Down Shift the texture down 1 unit
Tog Tex Lock Shift+T Toggles texture lock **
Auto Caulk Ctrl+Shift+A Caulks a lot of unseen automagically
Surface Inspector S Open the Surface Inspector Window

*\ Tab\ cycles\ through\ the\ points.\ U\ sets\ the\ vertical\ texture\ scale\ to\ the\ axis/height. **\ When\ textures\ are\ locked,\ they\ don’t\ move\ when\ the\ brush\ moves.\ This\ is\ sometimes\ called\ Naturally\ Aligned\ Textures.

Patch Manipulation

Bend Mode B Toggles patch bend mode
Thicken Patch Ctrl+T Adds a back (and optionally sides) to the patch *
Make Overlay Patch Y Always draw control points for the selected patches
Clear Patch Overlays Shift+Y Turn off overlays for all patches
Patch Inspector Shift+S Open the patch inspector window
Cap Current Curve Shift+C Puts an end cap on the selected patch mesh
Cycle Cap Texturing Alt Shift+P Cycle through the different methods of texturing the cap
Cycle Cap Texturing Alt Ctrl+Shift+P
Redisperse Rows Ctrl+E Evenly spread the rows across the mesh
Redisperse Cols Ctrl+Shift+E Evenly spread the columns across the mesh
Make Detail Ctrl+Shift+M Curve Matrix
Invert Curve Ctrl+I Flip the normals for the mesh **
Insert Patch Column Ctrl+Shift++ Inserts a column into the patch
Insert Patch Row Ctrl++ Inserts a row into the patch
Delete Patch Column Ctrl+Shift+- Removes a column from the patch
Delete Patch Row Ctrl+- Removes a row from the patch
Patch TAB Tab Cycles through various component selections ***
Patch TAB Shift+Tab
Naturalize Patch Ctrl+N Texture the patch using the "natural" method
Naturalize Patch Alt Shift+N Texture the patch using an alternate "natural" method
Snap Patch To Grid Ctrl+G Snap control points for the mesh to the current grid

*\ A\ thickness\ greater\ than\ zero\ will\ produce\ sides. **\ The\ front\ becomes\ the\ back. ***\ In\ patch\ bend\ mode,\ cycle\ through\ the\ various\ bend\ axis.\ In\ patch\ insert\ mode,\ cycle\ through\ the\ different\ insert\ locations.\ In\ axial\ mode,\ cycle\ through\ the\ different\ axis.\ Otherwise,\ cycle\ through\ the\ different\ objects\ in\ a\ func_group

Brush Manipulation

Toggle Move Only W Disable brush resizing *
Brush 3 Sided Ctrl+3 Turn the selected brush into a triangle
Brush 4 Sided Ctrl+4 Turn the selected brush into a cube
Brush 5 Sided Ctrl+5 Turn the selected brush into a pentagon
Brush 6 Sided Ctrl+6 Turn the selected brush into a hexagon
Brush 7 Sided Ctrl+7 Turn the selected brush into a heptagon
Brush 8 Sided Ctrl+8 Turn the selected brush into an octagon
Brush 9 Sided Ctrl+9 Turn the selected brush into a nonagon
Toggle Clipper X Toggle the clipper
Clip Selected Enter Clip the selected brush **
Flip Clip Ctrl+Enter Clip the selected brush ***
Split Selected Shift+Enter Split the selected brush ****
Move Selection DOWN - Move the selected brush down 1 grid unit on the Z
Move Selection UP + Move the selected brush up 1 grid unit on the Z
Selection Nudge Left Alt+Left Move the selected brush left 1 unit *****
Selection Nudge Right Alt+Right Move the selected brush right 1 unit *****
Selection Nudge Up Alt+Up Move the selected brush up 1 unit *****
Selection Nudge Down Alt+Down Move the selected brush down 1 unit *****
CSG Merge Shift+M Merges multiple brushes into one brush ******
Drag Edges E Toggle edge drag mode for dragging brush edges
Drag Vertices V Toggle vertex drag mode for dragging brush vertices
Dump Selected Brush Shift+D Print the faces for the selected brush to the console

*\ Dragging\ will\ move\ as\ opposed\ to\ resize. **\ Disguards\ the\ clipped\ portion. ***\ Disguards\ the\ unclipped\ portion. ****\ Disguards\ neither\ portion. *****\ Not\ 1\ grid\ unit. ******\ Both\ brushes\ must\ share\ a\ matching\ face.

Entity Manipulation

Entity Color K Open the color picker window
Ungroup Shift+G Turn the selected brushes back into world geometry
Center Origin Shift+O Set the origin of the brush entity to the actual center
Combine Selection Shift+K Combine a selection of brushes into a group
Connect Selection Ctrl+K Makes the first selected entity target the second selected entity
Select All Of Type Shift+A Select all entities that are the same type as the selected entity
Entity List I Opens the Entity List Window
Find Or Replace Entity Ctrl+F3 Open the Find/Replace Entity Window

General Brush & Entity Controls

Hide Selected H Hide the selected brushes and entities
Show Hidden Shift+H Show all hidden items
Hide Not Selected Ctrl+Shift+H Hide all brushes and entities that are not selected
Clone Selection Space Duplicate the selected brushes and entities
Delete Selection Backspace Delete the selected brushes and entities
Un Select Selection Escape Unselect anything that is selected
Mouse Rotate R Toggles mouse rotate mode, which allows the arbitrary rotation of entities
Toggle Flat Rotation Ctrl+R Cycles through the different types of mouse rotation
Cycle Rotation Axis Shift+R Cycles through rotating around X, Y, and Z

Offline Downloadable Version

Below you can find a PDF version of this list designed for off-line reference. The PDF is is fully bookmarked for ease of use. Right click and select ‘Save As’ to download.

DoomEDIT Key Bindings and Mouse Controls V1.0.pdf