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So, you have some question regarding the Doom 3 engine. That’s nice.

What this article tries to do is to help you find the answers to your question - be them regarding level design, coding, scripting, or any other random Doom 3 feature.

General reference

No matter what you are looking for, the first things you should do is have a look on this wiki by doing a search . If you are looking for some kind of reference material, chances are it’s discussed here somewhere. Also, there’s always the main help categories - available on the main page - and the list of available categories to help you on this quest.

On the same vein, another great resource if you’re looking for information is id Software’s own idDevNet . It’s a great source of information on all things Doom 3.

Tutorial listing

If you’re not looking for reference material, though, and are instead trying to do some specific task, the tutorial list is probably what you are looking for. This is a collection of tutorials related to all areas of Doom 3 engine knowledge, most of them from .


If you still can’t find what you are looking for, it’s time to do some search again. Again, the Doom3World forums has a search page that may prove helpful in that. There’s an insane ammount of discussions related to all types of Doom 3 development topics available, so chances are that, if you have some question, it has already been answered there. A huge number of topics is both good and bad, though, so be ready to refine your searches and do some real forum mining.

And again on the topic of the forums, you might want to read the stickies on the forum categories related to the area of development you’re looking into. In fact, most of the information that’s being posted on this wiki has been born from the Doom3World knowledge base, so maybe you can find something there that hasn’t made its way to here.

If you still need some answers, it’s time to ask some people.

Asking questions

The internet is a wonderful place. If there’s something that’s bugging you and you can’t seem to find the answer, you can ask some people that have already been there and will be glad to help you through the ropes.

Do not assume people will do your work, though. If you ask something that can be found easily, do not expect people to reply, or if they do, do not expect people to reply with in-depth explanations. Many times, people ask questions whose answers are right there next to them, a few clicks away, or something that has already been asked and answered thousands of times. People tend to get annoyed by that. So do your homework and do a thorough search - even on Google - before coming up with questions. If you’re too lazy to find the most basic answers by yourself, don’t expect people to carry you along.

If you still have a question, there are two places to ask: the forums and idDevNet’s related page (for Doom 3 or for Quake 4 ). is a public forum, so some rules apply. Do not try to be a smart-ass; be polite, and if you have some problem that needs solving, try to explain the problem as in-depth as possible. Post logs if they apply (but don’t post 9000-lines logs); speak about ways you tried to use to solve the problem, and explain why they didn’t work. You can also try having a look at this page that explains the best way to ask technical questions. The text is not exactly related to game content development, but still applies.

Finally, idDevNet’s contact pages ( Doom 3 and Quake 4 ) is one of the ways id Software and Raven Software support mods authors. On these pages, you can ask questions pertaining the game engine. Be careful, though, as this is not a magical machine of wisdom that will tell you the answers to life, the universe and everything, so use this feature wisely; on Doom 3’s case, it’s a man - Brian ‘binaryc’ Harris - who answers this, and on Quake 4’s case, the whole Raven team gets the email. They won’t do your homework either; many questions have already been answered, so be sure to check idDevNet itself for a good ammount of knowledge.


Hopefully, this small guide was enough to help you find the answer to your most important questions, or to show you how to create something using the Doom 3 engine.

If it was, great! Now, why don’t you help us help other people? If you have found something interesting, you can always create an account and add something to the wiki, correct someone’s mistakes, or expand some topic. The is a website maintained by the community for the community. What about being a part of it?