RotateOnce (script event)

Game class

This event operates on an instance of the game class type {{{gameclass}}}


Causes an entity to perform a rotation along a specified vector once.


void rotateOnce( vector rotateAxis )


  • [rotateAxis] - The axis around which the entity will rotate.


$my_entity.rotateOnce( '0 0 90' );


This script event does not return any values. This event differs from rotate in that this is a terminating script event while rotate will force an entity to rotate for the duration of the game. The above example will cause the entity to rotate 90 degrees on the z-axis for the duration that entity’s time is set to. If no time is set, the default is 1 second.

An example of using .time, accelTime , decelTime , and rotateOnce in a short script:

void rotateCube ()
    $cube.time (5);
    $cube.accelTime (1);
    $cube.decelTime (2);
    $cube.rotateOnce ('0 0 180');

This script function will cause an entity named “cube” to rotate 180 degrees on the Z-axis, within a time period of 5 seconds. The entity will take 1 second to accelerate to its top speed, it will rotate for 2 seconds at its top speed and finally it will spend 2 seconds to decelerate from its top speed to the stopped position.