LANG (file format)

.LANG files are used for localization purposes. For every language there is a different set of files available. Each of these files contains a numbered string that is referenced from within code, GUIs or maps. Each string has to have a unique number so there are no conflicts when referenced. Language strings are simply referenced by typing “#str_20000” in the textfield. Replace 20000 with the intended string number.


    "#str_20000"    "Placeholder"
    "#str_20001"    "Placeholder2"

Q4 Used String Ranges

The information in this section is specific to Quake 4 .

String number ranges used in Q4 are:

  • 101991 is the start of Code used strings (english_code.lang)
  • 200000 is the start of GUI used strings (english_guis.lang)
  • 300000 is the start of Lipsync used strings (english_lips.lang)
  • 400000 is the start of Map used strings (english_maps.lang)