This is the resurrection of, a wiki dedicated to modding id Tech 4 games like Doom3, Quake4, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars or Prey.

The original went offline due to spam problems, this wiki is recreated from backups of
All spam has (hopefully!) been removed and we decided to use Gitit with Markdown Syntax instead of Mediawiki - we had to convert the articles from HTML anyway, as we only had the pages from, not the original wiki database (that would have contained the articles in Mediawiki syntax).

Please see the Categories page or the game-specific pages linked below (click their logos) for structured content.

This is still a work in progress, any contribution is welcome.

To gain write access to the Wiki, just answer to the corresponding issue on Github or ping caedes on the #iodoom3 chan on Libera Chat and we will add you into the organization.

The authentication is done using Gitit’s authentication through Github feature so you’ll need a Github account to log in.
(Sorry that you can’t register more easily, but this seemed like the best way to prevent spam and so far we indeed had no problems with spam.)

You can contribute by editing pages like you might be used to from mediawiki or whatever, or you can clone the whole wiki on Github and submit pull requests for mass editings.
Note that this wiki doesn’t use Mediawiki syntax (as wikipedia and the old modwiki do/did), but Markdown with some extensions. It’s mostly the same syntax as used for comments on Github and many other sites. It’s really easy to use.

Feel free to use the Sandbox page to try out Markdown!

See also the Excavated Doom3World forums which also are a work in progress.