"def_debris" _ "def_shrapnel"
"Doom 3 Can Do It Too" Project
"How The Web Was Won" an oral history of the internet
"Moveables following nurbs" tutorial
"Normal Map Create" plugin- things I've learned so
"noShadows" = Material gets black ???
"VelociREAL Ultimate" Graphics Modification is now released!
"Wrathchild" (Doom3 1.3.1 , Singleplayer Only)
$MONEY$ REWARD -- Scripting a spectator camera for Doom3
'Remembering Doom3' on EDGE online
(D3) Duck Nukem:Four Feathers
(EDIT) My game release on android!
(Simple) Light Switch tutorial
(SOLVED) [Q4SDK] clientNum
(SOLVED) [Q4SDK] Speech text from lipSync title
(WIP) - Quake3Arena weapons for - (Quake4)...
(Wip) - The Vore...
(WIP) - The Wizard...
(WIP) - Wolf...
(WIP) Quake Demon...
(WIP) ratty d3 hell map
+ Quake 4 PPM IDgirl and Spaceman + BETA
.ASE or is there better?
.md5 format license
.skin file for .ase weapon model
.upk (UT3) exporter?
1.3 Compatibility
1.4.1 Beta Patch problem?
1/2 off id stuff on Steam this weekend!
2.43 retopo tool
3d and Adobe Flash
3d assets creation...
3d Max texturing problem
3D quaternion question
3D Realms looking for Level Designers
3dsmax: welding seams on UVW maps
3dsmax Bipped to MD5
3dsmax exporter to md5
3DS MAX MD5 exporter that works with multiple meshes
3ds max user 'making the switch'
6th venom HQ Mainmenu.
8bit KILLER!
15 yr old found dead after Xbox taken away...
20 years of id Software panel
23rd Century Warfare announced
:?: Full hierarchy for Q4 PPM
??? Character Animation (in the menu)
A better alternative to photoshop
About D3 BFG and sound...
About the leak
A bunch of new Quake 4 multiplayer maps to test
ACORN _ Obama
A couple of odd things in Doom 3
Activision is licensing the Unreal 3 engine
A curiosity
adding a bumpmap pass to etqw's megatextures
Adding gui to entity with multiple interfaces
a few links for ya
Age of Conan
ai stuff again
ai trigger example maps
Alaska Inquiry Concludes Palin Abused Powers
ALERT: Official Doom3 Editor bug report thread
ALERT: Official Doom3 Game bug report thread
A little easter egg I found.
A little frustrating
A little help please!
All my problems
A load of questions probably answered before....
A look at US income taxes (_ what Obama wants to do)...
alpha problem with imported model
Alternating texture or material when light hits it
ambient lights without normalmapping
A moment of your time to help some friends.
And the winner is: Google
An early look at Voxel/idtech 6
A new Project: Aviton experiment!
Angry Alien
Animated mesh lacks texture.
Animated Texture causing Error
Announcing Total Recall mod for D3
Annoying MD5 mesh problem
Another MD5 Exporter for MAX/gmax
Any free Doom3 skybox textures of earth?
Any good maya uv mapping tutorials?
Any good mods for quake4?
any help :)
Any Mods planned?
Anyone had their ModDB "hacked"?
Any One With A Mobile Browser? (Want Help For My Site)
Any suggestions for my game server hosting company?
Any tips or tricks for bones/weights?
Applying a loading GUI for a map and a map editor question.
Applying Special Effects and particles to models
Are boneless animations possible in Doom 3?
Are you new to Lightwave?
Armadillo Aerospace tid-bits
Armadillo Aerospace Wins $350,000 in Lunar Landing Contest
Armor and health indicators in the pda ?
Articulated figure help needed.
ASE, low-poly renderbump, and _emptyname error
ASE export in Maya
ASE Importer
A simple light shader...
Aurra Sing
Avatars - how to get one
AvP2 + Doom3 = true?
Awesome Photoshop tutorial
Axis Revenge hiring
banding fixed! *but new problem inside :( *
Basic NURBS editing (scripts involved Last update 8-30-04)
Basilica Q4 texture set
Batch Exporter Script
Batch Render Flags giving me hell!!!
BEERman's Multistop Rideable Train Tutorial
Before you post: what we need from you.
beginer q4 modeling question/problem
Beginner nurms question. * new question *
Best Codec for video-capture _ real-time compression
Bigfoot body found!
Binding the stock Q4 skeleton to a new character model
BioShock movie
BJA`s 3d sketchbook
Blender's rendering system is not showing my UV mapped...
Blender's rigging and animation workflow
blender -> ase -> doom3
Blender - Doom 3 TUTORIALS, apps, tools, scripts....
Blender 2.43 released
Blender 2.44 released
blender 2.60 MD5 exporter doesn't work
Blender2md5 exporter 0.94 2006-02-09
Blender2md5 exporter problem
blender md5 doom3 tutorial?
Blender scales
Blender to Md5 export problems.
Blending alpha textures into non-alpha textures
blocks in console
block visportals?
bloodyy classic doom modification
Blue screen on installation
Book for coding
Bounty Arms - A UT3 mod...
Bounty Arms - The UDK Demo...
Bright, Cheery, Sunny Outdoor Map (What mods do I need?)
Brighten up your day (56k beware)
Brink Agents of Change
BRINK featured in Official Playstation Magazine
Brushes vs meshes?
BSP Entity Reader
BSP Thread: Figuring out various BSP options
Building choices for mappers
Build your own Lightwave Discovery Edition in a few minutes
Bumpmapped low-poly tree volumes technique (rant)
Bush Admin vs Iran - "Preparing the Battlefield"
BWHAHAHAH Barbara West Rides 'teh failboat', FOX sinks along
calling functions from other classes
Call of the Elders co-op
Camera Tutorial - 04/20/03 Happy Easter?
Camera_view showing player?
Can't fire any weapon
Can't play in my native resolution?
Can any of your old Quake 2 fans help? (Quake 2 Server)
Can a stage ignore the colour of the illuminating light?
Can I have help with adding bones to my gun?
Can i use the Doom3 map editor to create Half-life 2 maps?
Cannot view heightmap
cant load doom 3 alpha levels
Cant see through windows..please help.
Can´t get 3D on Doom 3 BFG on my Xbox 360
Carmack's is itching to work on Kinect game
Carmack fine with id not dominant FPS engine
CGSociety looks at TF2
Changing an Enemy's Health
changing the menu music
Changing the skin of an object while playing
Changing the Speed of a Texture Shader
Changing weapons in maps?
character and item model
Cheap games on Steam
Cheap OLED keyboard coming!
cinematic problem
City Models
Class Action suit against EA over Securom
Classic-Style Pinky for D3
classic doom: zombie soldier's rifle?
Cloth / Fabric
Coding a digital clock? (Looooooooong)
Come play some Quake 2 tonight!
Commander Doom v 1.0 released!
Compiling on Linux
Complete Doom 3 script, command and cvar reference!
Complete GUI Scripting - 0: A GUI script primer
Complete GUI scripting - 1: Your first GUI script
Complete GUI Scripting - 2: Using the built-in GUI editor
Complete GUI Scripting - 3: Preparing and importing assets
Complete GUI Scripting - 4: Making simple interactions
Complete GUI Scripting - 5: Applying a GUI script to a map
Complete GUI Scripting - 6: Creating a new HUD GUI
Complete GUI Scripting - 7: Creating basic HUD items
Complete GUI Scripting - 8: Using named events
Complete GUI Scripting - 9: Animating the marine face HUD
Concrete Texture Creation In Gimp (Tutorial)
Condemned 2 Blood Shot Review/Descusion Thread
Control Issues
controlling monsters
Control of 'NPCs' from the first-person perspective...?
Converting models from *.gmax to *.max
Cool Place...
Costum gui
Couldn't load default.cfg???
Could use some help starting up
CPMA Art Division recruiting
crash after...
Crashes when working with patches in Prey editor
Crazy Elf (1st Zbrush attempt)
Create cm file.
Create Moveable Objects
Creating a "Turkey Smasher" arcade game
Creating a new animation in 3ds Max for quake 4
creating a web page
Creating high poly geometry
Crosshair allignment issue any ideas?
CryEngine 3 to look irresistably good
Crysis expansion, "Crysis Warhead" announced
Crysis singleplayer demo released
Curved patch z-fighting error
Custom GUI/HUD data from scripts
Custom PDA Part 2: Security Clearance
Custom PDA Tutorial
Custom Player Models for MP
Custom Ragdolls
Custom Skybox
custom weapon problem
Custom Weapons Help
Custom weapons with D33 animations
Cut and Paste UV coordinates
cut a piece of demo
D3 - Bob Sapp UFC Battle for Doom 3
D3 - renderbump
D3 BFG and old menus
d3 clips materials on models
D3 models bones orientation.
D3 multimap3 - Out Phranticised
D3 RoE Map: Maggot Wood
D3 SP - 2 in one
D3 SP - dbz2 Tower
D3 SP - Gatehouse
D3 SP - Gatehouse
D3 SP: Bubba Lego-Tep
D3 SP: Omega Research Facility
D3 SP: Phobos Beta Labs *!!!Beta Demo Released!!!*
D3 SP Campaign: Death Rebellion (UPDATE -- Updated maps)
D3 SP RoE map: Make It To Morning 7 _ 8: Ghetto
D3 SP Z-Hunter mod - Level 9: Salvational Temple - Upd: v1.1
D3/SP - UAC FRANCHISE 666, Rebuild 2007!
D3:SP - Fight the Swarm 7
D3:SP - Takeover R-15
D3:SP ELDOOM - Final Beta - 0.9
D3W dedicated server: Essential Files to host
d3weditor Clean Shader|Materials Pak download
D3W server update
D3W texture challenge #1 crates _ barrels
D3W Tutorial / Primer: Pipes, patches, bending them...
D3W Tutorial: Connecting two rooms, doors and visportals
D3W Tutorial: Getting started with your first map
Daikatana TC needs help!
Dangerous Dave in The Haunted Mansion Mobile
Dark Messiah - Might and Magic
DarkRadiant 1.7.3 released
Dark Salvation Official Site Launched
Dark Salvation Teaser Trailer
Data Mining the SDK and Declarations
DDR2 or DDR3?
DDS and Compressonator
DDS diffuse map for geometry not showing up...
dead simple remake
Dead Space
Dead Space
Deconsolized [SP MOD]
Decouple FPS from Physics, limit Physics to 60 fps
def files cleanup project: How Editor displays entity info
def_head (or general md5) offsets _ other problems
Delta CTF [v1.100] Released
Demos don't like shadows?
demo_enforceFS 0 and addon maps problrm
DerTons General MD5 Exporter error message
der_ton, the .md5mesh importer has a few issues, advice?
Der_ton md5 exporter says: Unable to convert: ... Modifier
Destroyable parts on enemies
Devblog #2 - Playing Doom 3: Phobos
developing new tool D3modman
different md5s and weighting sharing same set of m5anims ?
Different sounds on textures
Differents techniques about Low poly hairs?
Diffuse and normal map baking
Direction of the D3 Can Do It Too Project
disappearing animated md5mesh
disappearing bones?
Dissolve texture
dmapping original maps
DNF footage
Does "twosided" work with textures on md5meshes??
Does anyone know anything about NICs?
Does anyone still want an ASE exporter?
Does Doom3 support inverse Kinematic for ANimation?!
Does idTech 4 cull func_static entities .... ?
DoF + Motion Blur + Glow! (Downloads)
Domain transfer issues
DOOM 1 and 2 Remade on DOOM 3 Engine MODDERS UNITE!
Doom 3 + Resurrection of Evil Weapons Mod
Doom 3 - Quake Mod - Shambler's Castle
Doom 3 - shaking image
Doom 3 2004 vs Doom 3 BFG Assets
Doom 3 ==> to ==> Quake4 v1.3 ==> Weapon_Fists
Doom 3 Alpha Impressions
DOOM 3 Alpha Shotgun Please?
Doom 3 and 3Dc normal compression (ATI1/BC4 _ ATI2/BC5)
Doom 3 Bfg "Clean"/Moddable with Editor/MayaImport via GIT
Doom 3 BFG .bswf format
Doom 3 BFG cvar . cmd list
DOOM 3 BFG Edition -- coming to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC
Doom 3 BFG Edition - worth it?
Doom 3 BFG edition: Visual problem, graphics bug?
Doom 3 BFG Edition GPL Source released !
Doom 3 BFG Level Editor HELP
Doom 3 BFG Patch
Doom 3 BFG performance testing on custom map
Doom 3 BFG playthrough
Doom 3 Boss Contest! With Downloads!!!
Doom 3 Compiling and map errors
Doom 3 console command
Doom 3 Coop Mod Last Man Standing Final Release!
Doom 3 Coop Mod Last Man Standing Updates
Doom3 crash... I'm going nuts!
Doom 3 CTF Level Design Resources
Doom3 Editing Guide _ Resources
Doom 3 Editing Wiki Manual
Doom 3 Editor Launcher - Now with .PK4 Creator plugin!
Doom 3 Elevator Help needed
Doom 3 entity list.‏
Doom 3 gameplay with music
Doom 3 HDR bloom on ATi???
Doom 3 Hell On Earth Baron of Hell Model Public Release?
Doom 3 in my Masters Thesis: IFCtoMAP
Doom 3 keeps switching my map files to read only?
Doom 3 level editing FAQ - read that first.
Doom 3 material Editor!
Doom3 md5loader RIGGED models?
Doom3 Megatexture Technology Mod V2
Doom 3 modding, where to start?
Doom 3 Mods on Total PC Gaming magazine.
Doom 3 multiplayer cd key
Doom 3 Perfected + Wulfen Texture Pack issue
Doom 3 Player Height VS Quake 3 Player Height
Doom 3 runs for about 30 seconds.
Doom3 Scripter 2.1 - Released Quick Fixes
Doom 3 Sounds ???
Doom3 Spoiler Thread
Doom 3 Tweak Guide @ TechSpot
Doom 3 v1.3.1 freezes - Win 7 x64, AMD Radeon HD 6700
Doom 3 Virtual Texture(65k x 65k)enhanced renderer/c# tools
Doom 3 wont start
Doom3->Maya problems (was Help for a noob here!!!)
Doom 3: BFG Edition: idJointBuffer::MapBuffer: failed
Doom 3: Phobos devblogs
Doom 3: Phobos is looking for mappers and animators
Doom3World.org - "fan kit"
Doom3World Community Contest # 2
Doom3World Community Contest #3!
Doom3world HL2 CSS FAQ!
Doom3world texture challenge #3 Doorways
Doom3world texture challenge #4 organics, rock, grass...
Doom 4 announced.
Doom 4 going next-gen?
Doom 4 page ?
Doom 4 theme song (allegedly)
Doom95 on Vista 64-bit
Doom Box Art - Made out of Text
Doomedit in windows Vista
Doom Editor has just wiped out my map
Doom Editor Interface completly messed up.
Doom Looping In Menu... HELP!!
Doom map errors!
Doom RPG on iPhone?
Doom RTS [beta 3]
DooM wad to Doom³ map converter DtoD3
Do people make Wolfenstein levels?
Downtime due to database version change
Do you want an official mapping contest?
Duke Nukem Developer 3D Realms Shuts Down
Dynamic music - possible ?
Earth First! new age hippies wail for dead trees...
easy terrmain. low polycount tutorial
EA to publish id games starting with RAGE - Trailer inside
edit: glass shader
Editing problem: volume_gravity
Editor + 8800GTX = not working right
Editor not working ???
Entity's attached light.
Entity scripting - How it works
Environmental System Approach
Epic: Endgames should be DLC
Epic Fail: Ubisofts posts (warez) no-cd patch for R6Vegas2.
erebus5_slime where is the material file?
ERROR: couldn't load console (***FIXED***)
Error message "Cant find map marscity1.map" - ROE
error when trying to export animation and mesh in derton exp
Error when trying to export to .md5
Escaped Turkey ET:QW servers for $10 a month!
Especially for BloodRayne
ET:QW official bug / issue / tweaks / troubleshooting thread
ET:QW Retail Handles (to add as friends)
ET:QW screenshots
ETQW 1.4 patch coming soon
etqw 23rd century warfare alpha gameplay
ETQW Demo is OUT!
ETQW Surface GUIs
ETQW Tweaker 2.0.4 released!
European OCSE disallowed access to Florida polling stations
Evenly lighting a room
Excellent HL2 SP mod/map - Minerva
Existence Made Simple...
ExKalibur Model Viewer
Experiments with Prey engine
exported md5 has no texture?
Exported models VS stock Doom3 models
Exporting From Maya To MD5
Exporting models from maya7.0 into D3...
Exporting models from maya to quake4, any success?
Export models to 3DsMax?
External Particle (.fx) Viewer?
Extreme 3ds max newbie looking for modeling tuts.
Fallout 3
Far Cry 2
FarCry 2 / Dunia Engine Xbox360 Editor
Fatal Error. Attempting to save in .....
fatty_h and fatty_s ...
Few technical questions
Finally got Prey...
Final MD5 File Formats
Finding Leaks?
Finding the AI_PAIN event?
first attempt at modeling a head w/o reference
First official Quake4 mapping competition!
first shots of ID's NEW title!
First Unreal.3 engine (PC)game released
Fixing stretched and aligning textures/materials
Flame deformation
flare deform?
flares on moveables
Flashlight shadows are on in D3BFG MP, SP sentry bot works.
Fog on the Tyne
Forum behaving odd
forum bug?
forum dead?
Forum upgraded
Free CUSTOM music/sound effects for your games/maps
free textures!
From triumph to torture
Full listing of keyboard shortcuts for DoomRadiant
Fully documented Particle Syntax.
Fun at EnemyTerritory.tv
func_animate disappears when I get close to it
Func_elevator - how to create it? Tut explained step-by-step
func_fx keep setting off on startup?
Funny and surprising brain test
FX Editor Video Tutorial - Updated 10/29/05
Game freezes on Prey and other IDTech4 based games on HD4650
Game Map Shutdown
Game sharers face legal crackdown
Games[CC] seeks Doom3 programmer to update mod
Gangs4Life is recruiting!
Gary Gygax is dead.
GeForce 7900 GTX FPS stall running Doom3
General crashfeast and other BUG issues
general md5mesh exporter - multi-object model?
Generating Normalmaps from photosource
Germany to guarantee 1,4 Trillion USD private deposits
Get started
Getting player starts for CS cource to work in Hammer.
Getting Static Lightwave models textured and into Doom3
Getting Static Lightwave models textured and into Doom3?
Gib/Jib and chuck time out code
Gimp Texture Creation Tutorial
Give Us Your Asset Requests Here.
Glass Objects
Glass Texture Issue
Glitchy 3D Edit Mode...
gloss explanation
glowing decal?
Google Chrome
Google Site search on the frontpage
Great, my pc isn't starting up windows. [Solved]
Great Aliens VS Predator fan movie made using Doom 3 sets!
Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer's Key NEW media update again!
Grimm Quest for the Gatherer's Key: Media _ News update!
Grimm techdemo video: Painting the world!
Grouping brushes and/or entities..?
Grunt steriods
gtkradiant shaders
GTR modification for Quake 4 searching for programming help
Gui Command Reference (Wiki)
GUIS's patch
GUI starting scripts to move an Elevator!
Guitar Hero Clone - Proof of Concept
GUI variable not working...
Halo Wars? -Strategy Game, Sorry Shooters-
Hal Turner Reports US Dollar to be "de-monetized"
Hammer? The retarded step-child of Radiant.
Handy ZBrush links
Happy 16th anniversary DOOM!
Happy B-Day DooM!
Happy Holidays _ my thoughts on future community development
Has Any One Here Made MD2 Files or MD3 File Using Maya?
Having the texture to amit effects like the lava texture?
Hawaiian Shirt and Jeans On Imp!!! (NO ACTUAL IMPS INSIDE)
Heat Shader effects help
helmet skins seperate?
help !!!
Help: Error: multiple entitity's named 123_head
Help: Getting Realistic Sound with Realistic Visuals
Help for make weapon groups
Help importing custom content
Help me pls now
Help Needed
Help with my *real classic* Barrel ! Dam Skin variation
Help with preparing correct textures for relief *solved*
Help with Q4 teleport behavior
Here's a newbie question
Here's hoping Dems don't get 60 Senate Seats
Here it is! ASE export plugin for Maya 6.5 and 7.0
Hexen: Edge of Chaos - Particle Guru
Hexen:Edge of Chaos - RELEASED!
High quality rendering of D3 models
High quality skybox and moving clouds. *updated*
High Resolution textures for Doom 3
Hi new here ,need some advices
Hipoly models which Id used for baking normal maps?
Hit me ...
Hl2 = Quake 1 engine
HL2 Episode 1 Web Site Up
Holy Crap they actually fixed it!
Hope this is the right forum to ask about it.
horrible normalmap character
Host a game server with DynDNS?
How *not* to recruit for a mod
How can i get all textues from the placebo effect mod?
How did id do it with zbrush?
how do i apply textures to only selected polys?
How do I call my code from the GUI?
How do I center the tools on my models?
How do I create an angled brush?
How do i get models into Doom 3
How do I make an animated texture?
How do I make characters run?
How do I skin an object whos material is explicit
How do you build your normal maps?
how do you make collision models?
How do you make your foliage?
How good is lightwave
How id Tech 6 games could look like (only better)
How IMOPRT a new "STATIC" model lwo in a DOOM's map
how many finished TC mods are there?
How much can you modify a weighted mesh?
How the crap would I pull this off?
How to "kill" particles ?
How to add new maps in half life 2
How to add the recepionist fro Mars City?
How to aproach a new level
How to create Textures for Doom3
How to make a simple Rotating Door (Working/Tested)
How To Make A Smarter ZSec (Update! new movie inside...)
How to make polys double-sided
how to make red and blue 3d
How to make the cyberdemon more dangerous
How to post here correctly
How to post Q4 maps
How to post Q4 maps
How to use global hotkeys in doom3
How you do proper A.I. (and deal with the consequences)
HUD/Characters not rendering at all (Possibly solved)
Hugin - Panorama Photo Stitcher
HumanHead Studios hiring (with "low" qualifications)
I'm a PC,
i also need help rigging
iam in a desperate search
I am thinking on selling a download blocker.
I broked my 3dsmax render to texture.. help!
I can't apply the textures to an ".ASE" model file
Id's Todd Hollenshead Talks New IP
Id could learn a lesson from these guys....
iddev mp mesh
id no longer licensing id tech 5
ID Software has released the source code to Castle Wolfenste
id Software hires lots of new people...
Id tech 4 and SSE
idTech 4 CDK Progress Update
ID Tech 4 engine SDK help
id tech 4 gpl?
ID Tech 4 GPL Wish List
idTech 4 performance bottlenecks identification
idTimer double base and InitBaseClockTicks
If You Are Reviewing 'Dead Space' DON'T MENTION DOOM3!
If you want to say thanks for D3W...
Image Attachements now possible
Imported Model too large
import export q4 default player model
Importing .md5's into blender
I need an md5 character ?
I need help with ISO
I need some insight on texture material directories.
I need Tuturials
influence "shock" ähhh texture
Ingame adds - how do they work?
ingame Gui: How to enter some text?
in game videos and cut scenes
Inspirations for high-tech/industrial Mapdesign
Installer For Sikkmod (Was in texture creation)
Interactive Cinematic Mod
Into Cerberon 003A Released
IRC and Board ettiquite. If your banned from IRC.
I Require Assistance! (Laptop Questions)
Is http://www.modwiki.net dead? o.O
Is it possible to open Doom3 alpha levels with Doom 3?
Is Prey map editing more enjoyable than Doom 3 editing?
Issues creating a server
Is there any reason why Megatexture wouldn't work with .ase
I think it's FAQ
iTunes University - Developing iPad and iPhone Apps
I want to view a maya .ma file, but I don't have maya
Jace Hall does id Software
January 2009 VOTE! Doom 3 Boss contest VOTE!
Joe the Plant
John Carmack, Dean Sekulic and Tim Sweeney on OGL's future
John Carmack and id software win Emmy Awards.
John Carmack on why iOS over Android
Jury Awards Ex-fiancee $150,000
Just playing with the atmosphere editor
Just something I made for my college application
Just some thouhgts regarding monetary policy
Katherine Anna Kang-Carmack talks about mobile, DS and John
Kenneth Scott joining Microsoft?
Kid Friendly 3D Game Maker Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 2.2!!!
Large Hadron Collider
Last lecture professor dies at 47
Last Man Standing Co-op 4.0 Map Videos!
Last Man Standing Co-op 4.0 Release Soon! + LMS Standalone?
Latest Project Assets / Guidelines - Updated 12-31-04
learn How to work on monster teeth video.
learning max - recommendations?
Left 4 Dead
Level Design position open at Funcom in Norway
Level Editing Possible?
Level Scripting Tutorial 1 - (UPDATED 10/04)
Level Scripting Tutorial 2 - (UPDATED 8/04)
Level Scripting Tutorial 3 - (UPDATED 8/04)
Levitating moveable problem
Lightmapping and seperate UV coords....
Lightwave Endorphin learning edition is free to download.
Lightwave help--deleting UVmaps
Lightwave Import/Export is Lacking
Lightwave Map Exporter
lightwave newbie tutorial
lightwave question
lightwave to doom scale
lightwave to md5 converter
Lightwave tools
lightwave tutorial links
List of computer games companies
Locations and objectives
looking for lwo_to_w3d plugin/converter
Looking for rock/terrain modelling tutorials for lightwave.
Looks like a blattent RIP OFF of ID's Assets here
Lost animation in Maya
low oly creature :)
Low rez menu background
LSCM unwrap for Maya (7 ?? )
LW 8.5 obj read error problem ?!
lw ase exporter?
lwo to md5mesh v10 pluggin
Machinima contest, anyone entering?
Made some new textures(materials?) for Doom 3
Magenta tint when using ATI card
Mahloeeh Alphalabs One...
Major video performance problem ATI HD 2400 - Doom3
Make weapon act differently depending on gametype
Make your own custom gun: the hellfire cannon
Making a cave in Maya then import it into Doom 3 video.
Making a cliff
making a monster going towards a noise you made
Making an Alpha Channel (And making it work!) Tutorial
Making a static model
Making light textures
Making maps for Doom 3 with Hammer?
Making Mwoody's Radar work in Multiplayer.
Making stairs using patches - any help still available..?
Mapper in need of help.
Mapping and Texturing
Mapping in XSI
Mapping Period
Maps Final
Mars Base SP
Mars City Security: A Doom3 Next Generation COOP Mod
Material Ignore Lighting?
Material Loading
Material Shaders
Material Tutorial....er Syntax Reference actually.
Matt Logue(animator) Feature @ cgsociety
Max/gmax tools and utilities
Maya --> Doom3/Quake4/Prey
MAYA -> Doom3
Maya 5 md5mesh exporter complete, working on md5anim
Maya 6 MD5 exporter
Maya 6.5 importer
Maya 7 Import/Export Quake IV MD5 MEL Script
Maya 8.0 exporting ASE or LWO? (Edit: Found!)
Maya Export to ASE problems
MayaImportx86.dll for Maya 8.5
Maya model to D3
maya ple
maya ple 5 software key??????
Maya scale vs Doom3 scale
Maya to Doom3 .md5mesh. Alterations to mesh after binding?
Maya to Max and Back
Maybe a good way to retexture monster...
MBolus Tutorial: Introducing the Monster Cam!
MBolus Tutorial: Monsters on the Walls, Part 1
MBolus Tutorial: Monsters on the Walls, Part 2
McCain Campaign/RNC's new low: Willie Horton of 2008
md3 exporter
MD5 Animation doesn't play correctly
md5 character model
md5 exporter doesn't export softbody mesh (animated cloth)
md5 exporter for blender
MD5 exporter support 3Ds CAT plugin?
MD5 import=>export animation problem.
MD5 import and anims to 3ds
MD5 Importer for Blender
MD5 Maya Exporter
md5 model and animation formats licenses
MD5 to 3DSMax importer
md5anim baseframe
MD5camera Export Project
md5mesh to obj converter
md5r model file format
Md5s, seams, and shading.
Mephisto monster/boss model available for a mod...
Merge, fuse the textures
Merging Walls
Merry Christmas except in Gaza, 500:1 bodycount
Merry Christmas _ Happy Holidays
Method _ Quaker-X are working for id Software
Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor (ICE)
Mid '70s punk band The Gizmos
militia mp vehicle code
Minor Request
Mirror's Edge demo now on XBL...
Mirroring Problems In Blender.
Mirror works only if i stand right up to it!
missile Eye
Missing buttons in Inspector Window
Modeling Help Request...
Modeling _ Texturing Tutorial - Lightwave * Updated *
Model mesh resources
Models Request
Modelviewers, Importers, Exporters, Converters
Mod help
Mod List 2.0
Mod watch: Last Man Standing Coop (D3)
Mod watch: Recall to Hell (D3)
Mod Wiki Reflective Water
Monolith communicates with the community
Monsters from Id: The Making of Doom
More Lightwave Smoothing Concerns
More Steam games coming up...
Morghul Keep
Mortal Kombat v.s. DC Universe
Mouse Sensitivity Issues In Linux
moveables - collision models
Moving Ladder Tutorial
Moving ladder without script
Multimaterials Textures _ Der_ton MD5 exporter.
Multiplayer addbot V1.3.1 - Steam
Multiplayer Map Tutorial
Multiple Recoil Angles
multiple textures on single imported model?
multiple uv channels
Muzzle flash and smoke
my (short) film score
My .lwo model's texture is offset in Quake 4??
My asset pack is now available includes stuff from tutorials
My band's first music video.
my blog
My college thesis project
My current favourite band ?
MyDevil - A RPG mod
MyDevil is still alive and still needs your help!
my etqw demo conclusion
my first character model... wip!
my first map - xtndm1_beta
My first offical movie release!
My gadget of the year - the iPhone
my gun looks like a shadow
my monster
my online-portfolio 2008
My only complaint about the new Wolf...
My PC or Hacker?!
My screen R.I.P ...
My strange experience at a restaurant (FICTIONAL).
my WIp models
Naked Female Gamers (e.g. Help wanted.)
Naming / folder structure conventions for custom files
nDo - Free normal mapping tool for Photoshop
need a link
Need a Modeller for some Model Creation
need a player hella bad
Need a programmer for a half finished Quake Wars Mod.
NEED HELP - Misfiring
Need help rigging
need help to start blender
Need help with adding materials to ase model
Need help with custom skin files
Need help with editFX
Need help with jumppads
Need help with materials
Need Help with Zombie Material Shaders for Burnaway Effect
Need mod help!
Need some help...
Need someone for converting models(can't do it on my own)
NeuroWolf [MOD SP]
New 2.4.2 ver of Gimp. :)
new ASE Exporter
New ASSET : func_rotatingdoor : Final
newbie to 3ds max 7 cant find basic tutorials
New blender, now with Windows 64-bit support
New Cartoon Crab in Action
New cinematic
New DoomEdit CleanMaterials pak file download
New DoomEdit Clean Particles pak file download
New DoomEdit Clean Skins pak file download
New DoomEdit Clean SoundShaders pak file download
New HL2 Episode 1 Media
New interview+new screens
New interview of id plus some new tidbid coming soon
New opportunity, fixing the Doom 3 EXP renderer
New plugin for md5mesh and md5anim
New Prey Q_A at computerandvideogames (sept/05)
New snow -and ice-effects added to the Source-engine
New to the boards? Test your account and introduce yourself!
NEW VIDEO TUTORIAL: Monster Rigging using 3ds Max Biped
New ZBrush Board
Nine Inch Nails – 2 Ghosts I – Music Video (assets inside)
NoCD Patch for Prey 1.1?
noobi question, about exporting md5
noob texture help :-)
noob working with lights
Normal mapping in Lightwave?
Normal map plugin for lightwave? HOW TO DO IT ?
Normalmaps in Source.
Normal maps suck.
Normal vs. Height Maps
No scary bits?
no shadows option for map model or func_static?
no skies subfolder in textures in Q4
Not Quite A Lightwave Question. Exporting From Modo.
not that anybody cares...
November 15 ?
Nvidia forever!
Obama's cha-cha change? Change???
Obama's VP can't count to 4
Obama, The Prince Of Bait-And-Switch
Obama: Better than the other crappy choices...
Obama: the Contitution is fundamentally flawed
Obama disaster proof: instant unemployment increase!
Obama is elected president of the United States of America
Oculus Rift SDK
Official doom3 vs hl2 thread
official md5 exporter
Official Quake4 review/impression thread - no spoilers!
Official Wiki _ Preditor changes
ok its nu newbie
Ok need help with mod
older engines
Old School Doom Marine :Update:
Online play is depressing
OpenGL 3.0 spec released!
opinion on low end video card
original doom3 textures not showing up in game
OT: Questions about Q3Radiant 1.0 for Quake 3 Arena
OutdoorDoom Mod - Megatexture r3.
OverDose First Person Arm Models+Texture
Overview on Bumpmapping article
Palin's Foreign Policy Experience
Parallax Occlusion Mapping...
parsed 1.#IND
Particle and light interaction (probably not big news)
Particle editor/editing Part 1: Introduction and Setup
Particle Effects??
Particle Effects Tutorial 1: The Editor
Particle Effects Tutorial 2: Using Custom Assets
Particle system changes ?
Particles _ Shapes
PC Game Market Boom
Perfected Doom 3
Photoshop contests (past _ present)
Photoshop required?
Ping problems in multiplayer.
platform dmg value
Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 2.2.3 Developmental Release!!
Platinum Arts Sandbox Video Tutorial, Mac Binary, and more!
Played any good mods or SP maps for Portal?
Playing with crates, boxes...
Please change your passwords everybody
Political Halloween Props Spark Controversy
Portal Flanking
porting DooM 3 weapons?
Porting RTH Weapons to Quake4
Poser to 3Ds Max...
Posing Ragdolls and Movables - A little fun with physics
Possible to get custom map to run properly?
Potential Wolfenstein leaks
Practice modeling!
pre alpha footage
Predator the heat of the jungle v0.3 (RELEASED)
preventing mousewheel to cause an onAction event on a listde
Prey DM - Overhead by Freakman
Prey DM: Moth's Playground (Beta 1)
Prey error, can't advance game!! almost at the end!!
prey mainscript error thows me back to windows
prey on linux soon.
Prey Patch 1.1 released
Prey planet portal shrink trick
Prey SP - Altered Reality, episode 1: "Shrapnel City"
Prey SP - project "Soul Gems"
Prey SP - Surprisingly Focused
Prey SP - Surprisingly Focused
Prey SP - The "MegaLevel" Project(s?)
Prey Unused Feature
Prey wiki page live
Printing Cvars? Or multiple chat binds?
private project (not worksave)
problem; artifacts with texture baking
Problem in the second recycling level
problems with IK setup to 'lock feet on the ground'
problems with Preditor
Problems with the models in the viewport
problem to md5 with biped
problem UV mapping/texturing
Problem whit doom 3 textures
Problem whit md5 exporter plugin
Problem with blend modes in gui
Problem with Decals/Sprites?
problem with exported model from 3ds max no shadow in editor
Problem with Q4 player model bones in Max - Can anyone help?
Problem with Textures on exported .lwo
process1 glicth
Programmer for Level Design Tool
Progress with modeling monsters using Skinny _ Sculpt
Projected lights
Projected light shadows (Minus the light).
Projection and alpha channels
Project Management Discussion
Prometheus Movie DOOM 3 Game Mod
Proper water assets
PS3 Controller problems since about 6 weeks
Pulse Rifle - first model ever. (WIP)
pulsing intestines
Q2 Powerplant textures for Doom/Quake
Q3 model player model conversion to Q4?
Q3A, Blender, and player models
Q4 (MP) - Unique
Q4 Alpha Fortress ==to==>> Quake4 1.3 ==>> Sentry Gun
q4 bumpmap rendering with maya models
Q4 DMSP Mode: Help needed !!
q4 md5 and phenomes
Q4 MP - Yan's Test
Q4 MP: Cauterize [fixed spawns]
Q4 SP: Devil's Waitin'
Q4 [MP] - phantq4dm7 - FLUX
Q4, edit existing md5 animation files.
Q4::SP - phantq4sp1 - Part 1 - BETA
Q4::SP - War
Q4=>D3 ambient light material.
Q4CMP Submissions for Download
Q4CMP Voting: TOURNEY MAPS (Part 2 of 3)
Q4CMP Voting: TOURNEY MAPS (Part 3 of 3)
Q4[MP]::The Chill Runs Deep _ Competitive Instinct
Quake 2
Quake 2 Source Code Review
Quake 3 ported to C++...
Quake 4 1.4 Beta Patch Release
Quake 4 1.4.1 Beta Patch Released
Quake 4 and trees. : \
Quake 4 blured textures.
Quake 4 CMP Contest Winners Announced
Quake 4 Editor exits to Windows Upon Launch.
Quake 4 Editor Problem
Quake 4 Editor Win 7 issue
Quake 4 Map Editing Problems
Quake 4 material help needed!!
Quake 4 on Steam
Quake 4 PC music replacement from Xbox 360
Quake4 screen flashes while loading
Quake4 specific Tutorial Requests
Quake 4 Textures
QuakeCon 2008
QuakeCon 2008 Keynote and other Coverage
QuakeGX - Wii Homebrew Port
Quake II: Lost Marine QuakeCon 2005 Test Build Released
QuakeLive Beta
Quake Live isn't Beta anymore
Quake Map Sources Released!
Quakemod: The Sequel
quake vs doom vs prey mod - screen shots
Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire
Question: Creating cables and wires
Question about bones support
Question about doing a mod.
Question of exporting skin
Quick and Dirty Gui Scripting Tutorial - 05/18/03
Quick fix to speed up D3 Renderer
quick question, how to cap a cone?
Quick question: patching holes?
Quick question on sound looping
Quick Tutorial: Curved Stairs
Radio Station Mission
Ragdoll Poppy Head Reinflated
Rage for iPhone / iPad
Rants/Raves:Modern Game Design
Raven to work on CoD7 DLCs?
read only object
Read this first - for your own sanity and ours !
Realistic Weapons mod NOT WORKING with Sikkmod - HELP!
REALLY BAD Texture Problem...
Real World inspiration/references
Reca|| To He|| - Come Alive!
Reclamation [UPDATED]
Recoil in multiplayer doesn't work... most of the time
Red eye
Refraction HUD Effects
RELEASED: Sanctity Total Conversion
Remove a weapon from player in MP....
Renderbump error
Renderbump problem + Modelling Question(s)
Rendering not working can't move doesn't render
Render To Texture : Normal Map problem
Repost of Texture Creation Tutorial - Part 1
Request Player models and "handmodels/skins"
Requiem Pmods video
reseting materials coordinates while attaching - avoid?
ResiMod - Early Stages
retopo displaced terrain
Returning the length of a string?
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The Victors
Return to castle wolfenstein gpl...
revised Blender2MD5 exporter
Reviving D3CDIT...
reworking weapons with Blender
Road / Non-Block Areas
root joint error
Rotate a model from the def?
Rounding the edges (increasing poly count)
RTCW2 petition
RtCW: HD Texture Pack
RTCW and ET Source code
RtCW vs. Win7 problem
RtCW with support subtitles
Ruiner 2010 beta released
Ruiner mod looking for animators _ mappers
Ruiner TC looking for animators
running a dedicated...Quake4 flashes up,and then shuts down
runtime error, berserker exporter md5
Sandbox Top 100 Finalist at MODDB, VOTE PLEASE! + 2.3 Patch
Sarcasm FTW! (Just lol)
scale keyword not working.
Scaling a Character to Match in Quake
scaling an md5 model
Scaling an MD5mesh and it's anims
Scaling dirt maps
Scarlett takes a tumble
Scene length independent object rotation in 3ds max?
screenshots of my md5viewer
Script compile errors
Scripting Command Reference (Wiki)
sdk mirrors
Second UV Channel for Lightmapping?
Security Camera Tutorial - Last edit (8-20-04)
Seeing camera flashes, but no camera around?
Server hiccup
Setting up a mod in GTK 1.5
Shaders Cleaned up
Shared assets repository
Sharing old assets
SH human character bases '08
Shiny marble texture with cube map?
Short Tutorial: How to unlock/+open a door with a GUI
shotgun pellet count
Sikkmod + Wulfen parallax _ HDR issues
Sikk mod -- gameplay tweaks?
sikkmod -- how do I restore the original flashlight?
Sikkmod Lite v1.2
Sikkmod Q4...
Sikkmod v1.2
Simple destructable lights?
Simple MD5 cube?
simple texture mapping question
single player HL2 map list?
Single Player mods not working (windows XP and Mac 10.5)
Singularity, a new FPS by Raven Software
Skinning Problem (2+ Axis Joint Angle Deformer)
Skybox parameters
Smoothing "groups" are pretty lame in LW
smoothing and der_tons exporter
Sniffles... GFX card goes kaput. Looking at the GTX 260
So, it's an iPad
Soft Edged Alpha + Diffuse?
Softimage article on the making of Metal Gear Solid 4
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT KIT_for_Quake4_and_Q4Fortress
Software Engineer - Vancouver, BC
So I've just got my hands on 3DS Max 9...
somebody wants to do a mod ?
some D3BFG Edition fixes and tweaks....
some details about md5anim
some editor questions
Some models show up black
Someone Care to Skin My Model?
Source: Quake 3 ported to c++ with radiant built in.
SP - "The warehouse" [UPDATED]
space ctf teleporter not working!
Spawn blood-decal?
spawning monsters
specular highlights not working for me in Half Life 2
Splash Damage is looking for artists and designers
Splash damages New title at e3
Splitting up a model based on the material ids.
SP mod - Quake Shambler's Castle
Spogs Q3Map Explanation question
Spore Creature Creator Trial Version Available
Spore screen names
sportsmanship in the etqw.
sprites with Normalmaps and Alpha channels
SP Serengrove - Tudor Town of Doom
SPS to release source and gamedata of all idtech4 projects
sry another n00b question
Stalker: Clear Sky
Standalone doom 3 map viewer
stargate mod for quake 4
Starting a level
Static Model Assignments/Signup
Steel Storm 2: Vehicle and terrain
steer clear of fprime!
Stencil drilling problem
Step by Step tutorial anybody?
STEP ONE - Importing to Lightwave
Still having trouble loading up a MP map
Still intrest for some new maps? :)
stop-motion-like animations?
Store player information when changing levels
Strange browser issue
Strange texture anomaly
Stream Packs
String theory in under six minutes
Strobing Monsters Idea
Stuff System Problems
Subway Station Map
Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars
super turbo doom 3 bfg edition ? ! ; , *
Sure, Doom 3 can do a lot...
Surface Depth Hallucination
surround and gtx 560ti?
sweet 3D flash spider
Swinging Lights Tutorial
Switching back to D3 from Editor - Steam version/Win7
Tanarus-like Tank game?
Team Blur Is Looking For Mappers, Artists, Modelers etc...
Team Fortress 2
terrain modeling for d3 hell map
Test model won't export :(
texture artists dream plugin for even begginers found
Texture batches
Texture blend
Texture challange list
Texture challenge #2 Brick, cobbles, stone wall _ floors
Texture creation tutorial - Part 1
Texture creation tutorial - Part 2
Texture Maker v2.6
Texture manipulation.
Texture quality
Texture resources
Texture size vs units
texture stuff
Texturing a model
Texturing conventions
TGA image whit damage effect
The "real" America. A letter to Governor Palin
The 790i Supported Memory Speeds
The AF's editor - Articulated Figure Editor
THE ANCIENT TRUTH - Media Update 2
The Arx - End Of Sun - Mod - Texture Creation Help
The Dark Knight
The Dark Mod 1.00 released!!
the fourth
The Gamer's Bill of Rights Unveiled
The IK froggy walk?
The Micropolitan Museum of Microscopic Art Forms has opened
The most watched election youtube video...
The Official Doom 4 Wishlist Thread
The Old Mines - My first map
The Proper Theory Of Relativity
The reflective water in hl2...
There will be Blood!
The road to the perfecto bolognaise !
The Room
The unreal ASE exporter is showwing a error...
The word on Z Fighting
The World of Illusory Desires, ...I wonder.
Threewave is Hiring!
Threewave is hiring...
Threewave Software is Hiring!
Tinkering with Q3 skinning.
tips for texture begginers
to all Berliners, Berlinonians and Berlinites...
To all modders here
Todd Hollenshead interviewed by GameInformer
Total Conversion Mods Based On Movies
Total Recall: Modeller Required
To Xbox or not to Xbox, that is the question...
transparent door problem
tree model
Trevor's SDK Related Tutorials
Triangle count of a character model
trigger map load
trigger multiple md5 animations
Troubleshooting Sikkmod for Resurrection of Evil
Turn brushes made in Doomedit into an Entity?
Turning Doom 3 into a RTS
Turok PC(08)
Tut: Different Player Sounds, Wep Snds _ Visuals per Sur
Tutorial (tip) 3d animated displacement in textures
Tutorial (tip) dynamic text(scrolling and particles)
Tutorial (tip) editdecls like fx editor but for textures
tutorial(tip) multiple aphatest stages
Tutorial - How To Split Patches
Tutorial - Making Painted Surface
Tutorial - Texture Creation
Tutorial: Animated models into Doom3: Maya 4.5, 5.0 and 6.0
Tutorial: Assembling 6 textures to make a Doom3 skybox
Tutorial: bb_matt Patch Mesh Tutorial 1 : Curved Hallway
Tutorial: bb_matt Patch Mesh Tutorial 2 : Bevel + Floor Trim
Tutorial: bb_matt Patch Mesh Tutorial 3 | pipes 1, 90° bend
Tutorial: bb_matt Patch Mesh Tutorial 4 | pipes 2, 45° bend
Tutorial:Creating a cinematic with a moving camera in editor
Tutorial: Creating stairs
Tutorial:Creating the Plasma Tick - Part 1
TUTORIAL : Generating Bump Maps from a Photosource
Tutorial: How to add a Levelshot to your Multiplayer Map
TUTORIAL:How to make the robot that help you in the game
Tutorial: How to Split Patches
Tutorial: Making a Trite descend from the ceiling on a web
Tutorial: Manipulating func_movers
Tutorial: Materials for an animated model - MAYA * Updated *
TUTORIAL : Milkshape LWO to Doom 3
Tutorial: Mini-Tutorials based on MNeMiC Videos
Tutorial: Projected Lights (With screenshots!)
Tutorial: Projected Lights, Part II - Custom Lights
Tutorial: Quick and Dirty Material Shader Primer
Tutorial: Random monster events using triggers _ scripts
Tutorial: Real Fog without glitches and anomolies.
Tutorial: Realising ambient lighting by manual lightmapping.
Tutorial: Renderbump flat
Tutorial: Renderbump flat - Part1
Tutorial: Renderbump flat - tips and tricks
TUTORIAL : Teleporting
Tutorial: Throwing a Ragdoll through Glass
Tutorial; Brick Arch (Baking Multiple Maps in 3dsmax)
Tutorial List : LEVEL EDITING
Tutorial list : MODELLING _ 3D
Tutorial List : TEXTURES
TUTORIAL LIST Quake 4 specific
tutorial on Creating Glass and breakable glass in doom3
Tutorial Requests
Tutorial requests.
Tutorial requests.
Tutorials: Vacuum Zones (3 tutorials)
tutorial textured lights all axis fix
Tutorial tip (easy rotating fans and other rotators)
Tutorial tip doors you shoot open in d3
tutorial tip func_pendulom on all axis
Tutorial Tip how to create a mask effect in doom 3
Two very basic questions
U.S. VP Debate 2008
Uh...a little help here
Uh... Prey now available on Steam?
Ultimate Textures Feedback Tier2
Unit measurement for DooM 3 engine
Unlocking door with trigger?
unmass and biturn help in ff7
Unreal Engine 3 released for free to modders
Updating the Source engine visuals.
uploadimage and blend blend problem
up to date m5d exporter
USA : The Bailout
USA : The Paulson Plan 2.0
USA : The Un-Bailout
Use CV Curve As Hair? (None Doom Modding)
Useing GUI _Texture Tutourial(Screenies long Wait for 56k)
Using 3dsmax to create doom 3 maps.
Using Inverse Kinematics with Custom AI
Using multiple vertex colors
Using Quake 4 mod on the network
Using setkeyval and or via script to change an entity
UV Map keeps rendering as black.
UV nightmares...
Valve/Steam can go to hell
Vendetta Source - August 1st Media Release
Version's of Maya
vertexcolor detail maps?
Videogame sales rise 28% since last year
Video Tutorial - A Wallcrawling Monster
Video Tutorial - Basic Room *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Breakable Glass *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Custom Texture Creation *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Descending Trite
Video Tutorial - Elevator *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Explosion
Video Tutorial - GUI Unlocking Door *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Ladder *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Mirror *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Particle Smoke *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Patch Handrail *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Ragdolls
Video Tutorial - Skybox *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Sliding Door *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Spawning A Pathfinding Monster *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Swinglights
Video Tutorial - Teleporter
Video Tutorial - Terrain *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Triggering Sounds *UPDATED*
Video Tutorial - Turkey Game *UPDATED*
View, manage, optimize and convert your 3DS Max files
View, manage, optimize and convert your LightWave files
View, manage, optimize and convert your Maya files
Voice actor needed for singleplayer Prey mod
Voice modification
Voter fraud at work, or retarded voters?
VP nominee still doesn't know what the VP does
wagon model, how to make into one object?
walker skinning
Wanted: Leveldesigner for Single RPG Splitterwelten
Want to learn Zbrush? Here is what you need to know
Warez Reminder!
Warez Reminder!
WARNING: backwards triangle in input!
Warning: Potential accidental Serial Key distribution
Water, physics... and yellow plastic ducks. ;)
water material affects texture blending
Weapon/item models
Weapon dropping
Weapon import problem and question.
Weapon scripting question
Weapon sound mod..
Week old computer will not power on
Weird exporting issue? Anyone had this happen to them?
Weird face mistake lol
Were is max 7 script to do models for d3ed ?
Werkkzeug 3 TE (Procedural texture creation tool)
Whadda ell is dis?
What's going on with Viacom and Youtube?
What's this all about?
What about this?
What are the current "must-have" mods?
What do you think is going to happen?
What do you use to back up projects/work files?
What is D3CDIT?
What is Steam?
what is the advantage of normal maps over heightmaps
what is the ID way ? LW to MAYA
What is wrong with images in a signature?
What means a ban on D3W
What sites are best to share work / music in progress?
Whats that space ship's licence plate?
whats the best way to make railings for my map
Whats Your 3DMark06 Score ?
What the...?
What would be awesome
What would Carmack vote dis time?
What would YOU like to see a mod of?
Wheels of War (ET:QW) Seeks help
When 4 mosters are killed -> Open Door
Where and how to post custom Quake4 maps.
Where are the GUI assets (ie: gui/spin4)
Where can i find......
Where can i find the world on conflict map editor?
Where can I modify the attributes of vehcile debri?
Where is OpenGL in the galexy of the project's source code?
Where I would like to see Prey Deathmatch going...
Where Prey mods?
Where to host maps and screenshots
Where to host maps and screenshots
Which coop mods work with Doom 1.3?
Who invented the BlackBerry?
Why are the spec maps colored?
Why does my zsphere modeling suck?
Why is this vertexshader upside down? (solved)
Why no expansion?
Why Steam doesn't work
WiiDoom - Wii Homebrew Port
WiiWare titles
Will the "Doom II " film be made?
windowed mode resolution problem
Windows 7: the new and "improved" Vista?
Windows Vista... new and improved?
Window views fix.
WIP- Horse's Eye
WIP - You know what it is ;)
WIP Imperial Shuttle
WIP map - feedback wanted
WIP Thread :)
WIP to export parts =D
wobblesky setting issue
Wolfenstein (2009) : Textures problem
Wolfenstein (Dof)
Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory open source
Wolfenstein doesn't chart in NPD Aug 2009
Wolfenstein RPG
Wolfenstein SDK
Work for Treyarch. Get paid to make stuff like this....
World Bank hacked
World of Goo
Wow. Best PC game since Half Life?
writing an MD5 exporter in MEL (Maya8)
Wulfen texture pack
Xfire - Siege of September
XreaL - Enhanced Q3A based project tech demo video
YAFM light only showing up on models..?
Yahtzee Reviews Wolfenstein
YANQ (Yet another noob question)
Yellow visportals
you have to be a masochist to enjoy Doom 3
Your favourite game soundtrack?
Z-Brush fun
z1corvette and the md5Scale.exe
Zakyrus's Nightmare Mod
zbrush- apply "tool shape" to new primitive
Zbrush 2 Demo release tomorrow / Road map to Zbrush 2.5
zbrush 2 spheres
Zbrush 3 is out!!!
ZBrush 3!
ZBrush 3.1 update released!
Zbrush4.0 video.
Zbrush like Blender is now downloadable! With Tutorial!
Zenimax now owns Prey IP
Zombie Slayer mod looking for a Mac Tester
Zombie Slayer Released
[BOSS] "The Imp Boss", by Pat AfterMoon
[BOSS] Alpha Lab Zero, by 6th Venom.
[Q4 MP] Poprocks
[Q4] [DM] [TDM] [DZ] After the War 2.1
[q4][mp] Kowloon City
[Quake4] Alpha channel in different image file?
[Quake 4] Deathcity
[QuArK]How do I make allies follow, and enemies ambush?
[Quick Tutorial] Making Video GUIs
[Release] Fine Detail Mapper (DOT3 / DuDv)
[Release] Psychological Profiler
[Scripting] Unknown Value "DOWN"
[SOLVED] More than one info_player_start in a level?
[Tutorial] How to make the 'dead' rise and attack
[TUTORIAL] Killing Creatures that Unlocks a Door
[TUTORIAL] Relief mapped decals
[Tutorial] Storage Cabinets
[WolfMP] Unknown activation code
[WolfSP] Pre-SDK mod guide
[WolfSP] Risk a5
{>PLT<} CLan Wanted players