The information on this page is specific to Quake 4 .

This page describes the Quake 4 specific functionality of the built-in map editor. For general information common to all id Tech 4 games’ editors please see the map editor page. QuakeEdit can be started by typing ” editor ” in the console or by starting Quake 4 with “+editor” in the shortcut’s target command parameters. The best way to start QuakeEdit is from its own shortcut. See launching the editor straight away .


Despite the fact that Quake 4 runs on other platforms, QuakeEdit requires Windows 2000/XP. It’s recommended that QuakeEdit is run on machines with better performance than the minimum system requirements of the game unless you only want to edit small maps and that you have a three-button mouse. A suggested minimum system specification for editing maps would be:


This section describes bugs or peculiar behaviour of QuakeEdit and any known solutions. If you find a bug not covered here you might try quitting the editor, deleting the editor.cfg file present in the / q4base (folder) folder and restarting the editor. This will revert the editor to its defaults. If you have a problem with the toolbar and this doesn’t fix your problem try also deleting the “toolsx86.ini” file in your windows directory.

When compiling the map I get an error

Please check the Common Mapping Issues page for all known compiler error messages and solutions.

Grid lines don’t show up

Make sure antialiasing is set to Off or Application controlled in your graphics driver control panel in Windows. Also make sure the in-game AA is set to off too.

The windows taskbar and other windows are too bright

Quake 4’s brightness defaults to 1.2 so you should start QuakeEdit with “+set r_brightness 1”.

X doesn’t show up in the editor but does in the game

Go to View > Show and make sure X is selected.

The main view is very sluggish when click-dragging

Press F2 to bring up Quake 4, bring down the console, close the Quake 4 window in the cross button on the top right.

There are many black textures in the texture browser

Quake 4 comes with a lot of redundant, nonfunctional material shaders. The problem is that the declarations reference image files that were not shipped with the game.

At present no level editor, including the built in editor, validates each shader to ensure the images exist. This results in a texture browser where half the textures listed are of no use.

In the case of Doom 3, there is a workaround and the same solution could be applied to other games. Check eutectic’s clean paks for more details.