IdEntity (class)


idEntity is the base spawn class of entities .

All other spawn classes inherit its functions, variables and events, but may override them to produce different behavior than idEntity.

Spawn Arguments

The following is a list of key/value pairs, also known as spawn arguments , that function with this entity.

angle Yaw angle of entity.
bind Entity to bind to.
bindOrientated Description not available.
bindToBody Description not available.
bindToJoint Description not available.
bindanim Description not available.
cameraTarget Description not available.
cinematic Description not available.
classname EntityDef to load spawnArgs from.
clipmodel Name of clip model to load.
cone Set up clip model as cone with this number of sides. Use mins/maxs to set bounds.
cylinder Set up clip model as cone with this number of sides. Use mins/maxs to set bounds.
guiTarget Description not available.
health Health.
hide Hide visual model and disable clip.
maxs Max bounds of clip model .
mins Min bounds of clip model .
model name of visual model.
name Unique name of entity.
networkSync Description not available.
neverDormant Description not available.
noclipmodel Do not set up a clip model .
origin Initial world coordinates of entity.
rotation rotation matrix.
scriptobject Type of script object for entity to use.
size Size of clip model , alternative to mins/maxs.
solidForTeam Description not available.
spawnclass The spawn class type as string.
target Prefix, entity to add to target list.
noDynamicInteractions Don’t create any light and shadow interactions for this entity after the level load is completed.


This entity is derived from the following:

Note : Entries marked in italics are classes defined in the game code .



Notes not available.