Script events (ETQW)

Script events are the commands used in ET:QW’s native scripting language.

Existing script events as of version 1.1.

System Events

Events declared in idThread , accessible via sys identifier.

Entity Events

Events declared in the base spawn class idEntity .

All entities inherit these events, though some may be overridden to produce different behaviour.

idLight Events

idForcefield Events

Animate Events

idDoor Events

idMoveable Events

sdGeneralMover Events

Note: This spawn class does not have any entityDef referencing it and wasn’t used in the retail maps.

idAnimatedEntity Events

Skeletal Animation Events

idWeapon Events

idProjectile Events

idActor Events

idPlayer Events

Bots Player Interface Events

sdAtmosphere Events

sdWalker Events

sdTransport Events

Events used in regular vehicles

sdVehicle_Rigidbody Events

sdVehicleWeapon Events

sdJetPack Events

sdScriptEntity Events

sdDeployZone Events

Territory Events

Animated Client Entity Events

sdTeleporter Events

sdRepairDrone Events

sdParachute Events

sdDefenceTurret Events

sdDeliveryVehicle Events

Game Class Events

The game sets up several game classes to manage different things.

Objective Manager Events

Bot Objective Manager Events

Team Events

Bot Team Events

Task Events

CVar Events

The game creates a cvar wrapper to support the following events on a cvar object returned by sys. getCVar

Mask Edit-session Events